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Hello Bubble Hair Colour [#4B Whale Deep Blue]


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DIY permanent hair dye with an abundance of foam for easy application!

  • Cream bubble texture with better adherence to the hair & expresses the ash colour more vividly.
  • 60.6% improvement in hair roughness with the new Double Bonding Ampoule.
  • 11 Free Formula
  • Selectable according to preference various colours.
  • Apply abundant bubble like shampoo easy self-hair dye.
  • Pleasant floral fragrance. Free of ammonia!

How to use

Tips for Colouring hair.

  • Take caution if you coated or dyed your hair in black or dark brown within the past six months since the desired result may not be achieved.


  1. Put on the gloves and the cape.
  2. Open Solution 2 and add all of Solution 1 and Solution 3 Double Bonding Ampoule. Close the cap tightly with the pump.
  3. Gently swirl the bottle about 20 times in circular motions until the content is mixed well.

Colouring Hair

  1. Place the container on a flat surface and dispense 3-4 pumps by pressing the pump with the palm.
  2. Apply the foam just like shampoo on your hair evenly and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse off with water thoroughly.

  • Solution 1 - Hair Dye Agent 30g: Liquid type colourant for vivid colour presentment
  • Solution 2 - Oxidising Agent 60g: Bubble container for easy mix
  • Solution 3 - Double Bonding Ampoule 5g
  • 1 pair of Disposable Gloves
  • 1 Protective Vinyl Cape

Please note that this color may result in a more intense green/blue colour than the intended color when dyeing on bleached hair or severely damaged hair. It is recommended to use on naturally bright hair for a better result.


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Plant-derived Ingredients: Green Tea, Camellia Oil, Pomegranate

Ingredients are subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to date list of ingredients, please refer to the product packaging.

-For external use only.
-Avoid contact with eyes.
-Store in a cool and dry place.
-Discontinue use if rash, redness, or itching occurs. Consult your physician if irritation persists.
-Keep it out of the reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Age: 25-34
Easiest application, plenty of product

Very easy to use and plenty of product left (hair slightly longer than my shoulder).

For me, it did not work but that is my fault because I did not bleach my hair. So if you have dark dark brown hair like me, maybe bleach your hair first or try leaving it longer than 20 minutes.

Skin Type: Combination
Age: 18-24
Waste of time and money

To preface this, I have black asian hair. I bought the primer before this hair dye which did successfully turn my hair a caramel-ish brown colour, but even though the foam was blue my hair just went back a few shades darker which resulted in a dark brown colour. I imagine you have to bleach your hair for this product to work at all, so do yourself a favour and just go to the salon.

R C.
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 25-34
Easy to apply but color did NOT show

I have classic asian jet black hair so wanted to give this a go without the need of bleaching. After seeing the reviews on here i decided it was smart to also buy the primer. the primer made my hair go a light brown so i had hope the colour would show... Me and a friend spent an entire afternoon putting the primer on, washing it out then applying this colour but the color did NOT show up at all afterwards. Its been two days and still no colour is showing at all... i essentially just dyed my hair black again TT TT hahaha... I guess what can you do when you have jet black hair - it has to be like 8 shades lighter otherwise colour just doesnt show... $44 down the drain. I would not recommend this if you already have black hair.

Marnie F.
Skin Type: Oily
Age: 25-34

after 1 wash hair went straight back to natural hair colour.

diana m.
Skin Type: Dry
Age: 18-24
Washes out too quickly

I enjoyed the application. Basically it’s a foam and it’s really easy to distribute. I have fine hair but lots of it and it reaches my mid back and I found that one box was enough. However the colour washed away after 2 showers and I use colour safe shampoos.
One thing I liked is that it doesn’t stain your skin or any surfaces.

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