Contact Lens Care


  • Do not rinse contact lenses OR the lens container with tap water (use lens solution)
    • If container is washed with water, make sure it's completely dried
  • Always wash hands when putting on & taking off contact lenses.

  • Do not wear lens straight away after opening a new pair.
    • Need to clean it first with solution before wearing
    • When cleaning your new lens, DO NOT use the solution that was already inside the container
  • Don't forget to clean lens after use if lens is reusable
    • Place lens on hand, use 2-3 drops of solution and rub with finger for about 20 seconds (avoid touching lens with nails) & to finish up, use another 2-3 drops on lens
    • After the cleaning, put lens in the case that is ⅔ filled up with solution
    • To prevent the lenses from ripping, place the contact lenses with the convex side of the lens facing up.
    • Make sure the lenses hit the bottom of the case, then close the case lid.

  • Always check that you place the the right side of contact lenses in the right side of the case.
  • Place lenses in fresh & clean solution after every use overnight
  • Even when you don’t use your contact lenses, replace the solution every 3 days
  • Change your contact lens case every 2-3 months.



  • All contact lenses should be sold within its expiry date & should be worn within the expiry date (beware you don’t confuse the manufacture date with the expiry date!)

  • You must only wear the contact lens for the recommended usage period (e.g. 1 day, fortnightly, montlty, 6-monthly, etc.)
  • The “usage period” refers to the period when the contact lens were first opened and from then, until the specified period
  • ATTENTION: Monthly = 30 Days = 30 use? XXX
    • The USAGE PERIOD has got NOTHING to do with the NUMBER OF USAGE
    • Monthly contact lens must be thrown away 30 days after opening, even if you haven’t worn it 30 times

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