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HIKOCOΒ is your K-Beauty Playground to discover the latest Korean skincare and cosmetics!

Since 2016, we've continued to provide the most reliable and up-to-date productsΒ imported directlyΒ from Korea to New Zealand on a weekly basis.

Our mission is to help you achieve beautiful and radiant skin by bringing you the best and most innovative products from Korea. Rather than using harshΒ formulations for only temporary improvements, Korean beauty products useΒ gentleΒ ingredientsΒ combined withΒ innovative skincare technologiesΒ to repair and transform your skin from inside out. We promise to bring you products that are dermatologically-tested andΒ of the highest-quality.

Our team is constantly searching and testing for new products to curate so if there is any product you would likeΒ HIKOCO to stock, feel free to contact usΒ info@hikoco.co.nz. We hopeΒ our Beauties get to experience a variety of effective yet affordable K-beauty brands and cosmeticsΒ with us.Β 

Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

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