YOUTUBE: A New Wave of Korean Variety TV Shows

by Michelle Li

With the rise of Korean variety shows hitting our screens on Youtube, it gives us even more entertaining content to watch! Now there’s an influx of K-celebrities that upload content Youtube instead. Not only is Youtube a much easier way to produce videos than through TV shows but there are also less broadcast restrictions. Korean Youtube channels are able to truly show off more of the guests’ personality. If you are looking for a laugh, here are few I’m subscribed to that I thought I would share:


Workman | Youtube 

The Workman channel has been uploading videos since 2019. I first remember watching it when my university lecturer showed us a clip and got the whole class bursting in laughter. It stars comedian Jang Sung-kyu as he goes around reviewing different jobs from part-timing at convenience stores, being k-pop idol’s manager to even a lawyer. His incompetence and clumsiness is what makes each video hilarious to watch. As he learns on the job with the employees, he jokes his way throughout the whole video, just like how you would with friends. Workman shines on Sung-kyu’s very personable character that captures his witty and sarcastic remarks between him, the employees and even the director off-screen 😂 An absolute chaos most of the time, watch Sung-kyu under stress at a franchised coffee shop in Korea:

Changing Majors

Changing Majors | Youtube 

This Youtube channel definitely opened up my eyes to the many universities in Korean but also the countless majors or departments that you can choose. You definitely won’t find them in NZ! From e-Sport Gaming to weightlifting, in each video BTOB’s Changsub attends a university for a day to try one major out. Having just started uploading content in late 2022, I’ve binge-watched every video. I can’t get enough of Changsub’s carefree personality as he becomes a student for a day. He truly doesn’t care about what any of his classmates thinks and instead does whatever he likes which is why this show is so funny to watch. Take a look at Changsub becoming a flight attendant student for a day:

Arcade Pang

Arcade Pang | Youtube

K-pop idol Dongpyo from Mirae has popped up on my Tiktok feed a few times for his super cute and fun personality. He hosts the series “Nemo’s Dream” on Arcade Pang's Youtube channel where he interviews K-citizens about all things related to the MZ Generation. In addition to this, he actually does a variety of tasks on Nemo’s Moon so you will never get bored especially not with his adorable extroverted personality. I mean who would?! I swear every person he meets just falls in love with his sweet charms. Find out yourself in this episode as he makes bungeoppang (붕어빵), a red-bean filled pastry at a street food stall and even steals the owner’s heart with his aegyo 😍

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