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Secret Playlist | Romance | 2F

WEBTOONS | Secret Playlist

Han-ju is an ordinary uni student living an ordinary study-hard life. With her calm and a blunt personality, she’s not the most popular at school but has her friends that she needs. One thing special about Han-ju is that she actually has a secret identity as a Metube cover artist, PLII. She doesn’t expose her face in her videos, and neither does she talk about herself much, so there’s no one who knows about her private hobby. With a beautiful voice, PLII has quite a bit of fans and followers. But the public’s interest shooted up even more when the country’s top celeb Levi from the idol group SEZ started following her Stargram. Much surprised, Han-ju continuous to stay low-profile as she doesn’t wish to reveal herself to anyone including Levi, who happens to go to the same university as her.

WEBTOONS | Secret Playlist

There was a reason behind Levi’s Stargram follow. He was expecting for PLII to notice his follow and get in touch, because he wished to work on a collaboration piece with her. Levi was having second thoughts about his music, after a number of critics’ negative comments. Both jealous and admired by PLII’s talent, Levi wanted to know more about her, and be more like her. As Levi showed interest in PLII on the app, Do-guk (Levi’s off-stage name) and Han-ju repeatedly bump into each other in uni as well. They eventually end up doing a group project together in a class, and Han-ju’s all self-conscious around Do-guk, worried if he would find out her hidden identity. 

WEBTOONS | Secret Playlist

As episodes carry on, we see the two characters build bonds. For Do-guk, there are struggles of being a famous idol which leads to minor and even major issues - such as grudges from fellow students who envy him, love scandals, etc. Han-ju also goes through some drama as PLII, being rumoured about the originality of her videos. Both in somewhat stressing situations as public figures, they both slowly (and secretively) relate and comfort each other. But does Do-guk find out that Han-ju is PLII, and does Han-ju find out if Do-guk finds out that she’s PLII!?

WEBTOONS | Secret Playlist

Of course, what’s a K-Webtoon without the customary love triangles? Mak-chun appears a bit into the episodes, as Han-ju’s old friend from high school. This seemingly bright and loving guy-friend hints to the readers that he has a dark side, as he subtly expresses ownership of his so-called “friend” towards Do-guk who’s becoming closer to Han-ju. Never in front of Han-ju, but he got his attitudes when confronting Do-guk who obviously has interest for his precious girl. I feel like there’s going to be a “deep” dark story behind Mak-chun but we haven’t been told yet in the first season. More reasons to continue reading!

Secret Playlist is different from the usual school-romance webtoons as it deals with the relationship and life of an idol star. The pretty art and the fascinating storyline with a number of drama and juice keeps you binge reading all night! Kay, I gotta go make a Youtube channel right now and start on K-Pop covers in hopes an idol member sends me a DM for a collab 👋

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    I love this book and I had fun reading if I had to rate it out of 10 I would give it a perfect 10/10

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