Surprise!! A K-Fashion Store Launched by HIKOCO 🛍

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Remember how we kept talking about a “new project” happening at our office? Let us finally open the veils of this secretive project that we were working on 👏 HIKOCO has launched a sister company, your new K-Fashion Playground, UNIT D 🐢 

It’s only been a week and a bit since we opened its doors, and we spent the last week going through some trials and errors. I think we’re now ready to show everyone our exciting new business that will later go hand in hand with HIKOCO 🐰

So, how did this all happen? It started from our TMI articles, and the feedback we got from our Beauties. Every week we asked you what you would like to hear more of, related to Korea and the country’s culture. The vast majority mentioned K-Fashion almost every single week and were interested in where in NZ they could buy Korean-designed clothes. Although we did introduce you to a number of Korean online stores and Instagram stores, it seemed as though they couldn’t satisfy everything you asked for. Korea-based online stores had higher shipping fees than the actual items and US-based online stores did offer free shipping but with a rather high minimum purchase requirement. As for the NZ-based Instagram stores, every place was offering pre-orders which meant it took you a month or more to receive the products. With your continuous questions for other clothing store recommendations, we thought “if so many of our Beauties are interested in K-Fashion, why not try it ourselves?” 

Hence the birth of UNIT D! To start things off and to see how much demand we’ll be getting, we’re starting with a small Instagram account. After contacting several clothing suppliers in Korea, we managed to stock the bare minimum to open up a store. Our number 1 goal was to cover the shortcomings of existing fashion stores, that refrained our Beauties from shopping with them. With enough stocks in our warehouse, we won’t have to organise pre-orders and could get your products to you ASAP! As we do for HIKOCO, UNIT D offers overnight shipping for orders placed before 12PM - with eco-friendly packaging. But what’s more great is that we offer FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS! Yep, no minimum purchase requirements. Shipping is absolutely free of charge for anywhere in New Zealand 🙌 

After when we take enough time studying and experiencing the market, (and  when we gain the interest of the crowd,) the plan is to open a proper online store for UNIT D. Then, of course, it will take the steps of HIKOCO and start opening local offline stores as well. All this, however, is only possible with YOUR love! When we do get the support from more customers, we would love to get the chance to partner with suppliers that offer different styles for all types of body shapes and sizes 🤗

For now, UNIT D will be uploading new arrivals weekly, to offer as many designs as possible. We try our best to upload at least five new items every week, so keep an eye out 👀 We won’t just be uploading products, but will be uploading Insta Stories daily - with styling tips, various ways to match each product into numerous outfits, etc.! We’re both super nervous and thrilled to be starting another business from scratch, and also happy to offer another lovable aspect of Korea to all our Beauties in New Zealand. I wish you’re as delighted as we are for the beginning steps of UNIT D, and hopefully, you’ll join us in the journey 💜

(p.s. Refer to TMI Vol. 050 for a special UNIT D discount code available until the 31st of July 2021 🤫)

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  • Margaret

    Awesome! Great news! Love K fashion so much as much as i love Hikoco!!!

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