Trending Korean Nails to Try For S/S22

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Blush Nails 


Did you know you can do your nails with the blusher you use for your face? Blush nail, known as “cheek nail” (치크네일) in Korean, shows off a simple but cute design of a diffused spot in the centre of each nail, that perfectly mimics blushed cheeks. It can be created using your actual blusher or even eye shadow, and of course, nail polish. Often accompanied by pastel coloured french tips, such as sky blue, it gives off a more elevated look. It’s a simple design but gives such a cute and delicate look. This is definitely my next go-to nail design as we’re going into spring!

Jelly Nails / Syrup Nails 


Taking over the Korean nail scene, resembling a delicious and jiggly dessert, jelly nails! A transparent and subtle look, it’s the perfect simple way to revamp your nails! Which is why it’s also called Syrup Nails in Korea for it’s translucent colours 🍯 Try out the Rom&nd Mood Pebble Nail in #02 Rosy Syrup to get the perfect shade of muted rose to match all the blooming flowers of spring. 

Blob Nails


What makes blob nails so popular in Korea for the spring and summer? Known as 덩어리네일 in Korean, which literally translates to “lump nail” adds a three-dimensional element to your nails to make them more fun and cute! Created by forming your shape of choice using builder gel, it freshens up the look of your nails with the endless designs you can do. Even Minnie of (G)I-dle rocked these “lump nails” for a photoshoot to add a pop of funkiness. Cute on both short and long nails, give your spring nails a pop by adding adorable 3D flowers to match the blooming season. 

Aurora Nails


The beauty of aurora nails is that it mesmerises you with its gleam in multiple colours and shimmer depending on the lighting and angle you look at it. Just as the name suggests, this magical effect reminds you of the spectacular, natural phenomenon in the night skies. Upgrade your nails with this alluring design and become the centre of attention! And for those who don't have a gel kit at home or don't have the time to go to a nail salon, don’t worry! We got you covered 🥰 A hot new release has finally arrived that will help you upgrade your nail game with ease at home! For those who are avid HIKOCO followers would know... 🤭


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