K-Fashion: Celeb Couples Who Know How to Dress

by Isabel Bang

Yoon Seung-ah & Kim Moo-yeol 

This actor & actress couple is widely known for their cute married life and also their sense of fashion. They seem to be a fan of mono-toned colours and minimal patterns. The matching outfits that we usually see on Yoon’s Instagram don’t necessarily including the same items, but rather they match up in statement colours or patterns. Couples wearing the exact same clothes can look a little cringy and old fashioned. But as this couple keep their minimalistic items similar yet different, their outfits look cohesive as they keep their style. They go for put-together and formal outfits more often, for those more mature couples out there to take reference!

HyunA & Dawn

The most iconic K-Pop couple ever is HyunA and Dawn, WHO ANNOUNCED THEIR ENGAGEMENT RECENTLY 🥳 This couple is the ultimate fashion idol for all hipsters in Korea. As the fashionista duo, their outfits can be slightly difficult to try and copy, but still admirable! The two hardly wear any items that are too similar, yet they match the “vibe” of each other. When one goes simplistic, the other goes with them by using fewer colours. When one takes it further and covers themselves with patterns, the other shrugs and goes even further 💃🕺 Worry not, no matter how fancy they wear, HyunA and Dawn can pull it off as a daily #ootd.

Bong Tae-gyu & Hashishi Park

The actor Bong Tae-gyu is a famous romanticist for his photographer wife, Hashishi Park. This couple is also one of the fashion icons that people look up to for Amecazi (mentioned in TMI Vol. 054) looks or the normcore look. As said, wearing the exact same thing is too cringy. For this couple who loves easy-wears, they match up the ‘silhouette’ of their fashion items. They usually go for a more comfortable and wider fit, for both top & bottom. If you and your significant other is all about effortless chic, search these two up! Wide fit jeans, sweatshirts and denim jackets are their top pick, but they look just as gorgeous in fitted items as well!

Beenzino & Stefanie Michova

I’ve been rooting for this power couple forever, and their style is just 👌 ‘Cool’ is the word to describe their daily looks, that stays mostly on the casual side. Remember the tone-on-tone fashion tip I gave you in the TMI letters? That’s what this couple enjoy doing, matching the clothing colour tones with each other. For example, when one wears a khaki top, the other wears a minty one; when one wears beige and the other wears deep brown. But my all-time fav outfits that they pull off perfectly is their all-black look from top to bottom.

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