2022 Trending K-TikTok Challenges

by Isabel Bang

Darari Challenge

Tiktok | @yg_treasure_tiktok

TREASURE, a twelve-member boy band from YG Entertainment is spreading their music more than ever with the #dadarichallenge! This b-side track from their first mini album ‘THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE’ went viral on Tiktok after the group uploaded a mini dance video. The song got TREASURE entering Billboard for the first time by recording #135 on the Billboard’s Global Excl. US (now on #91). Not only did the song visited the Billboard charts, but also the Spotify’s Global Top 100s, and even hit #1 in the Tiktok Trending Songs! This Tiktok challenge is difficulty level 0, I bet literally any of you could do it 😂 Cuter if you do it with a few friends, so call out for your fellow Tiktokers!

Jjang-gu Challenge

Instagram | @wooah_nv

Jjang-gu is the Korean name of the animation character Shin-chan from Crayon Shin-chan. As Japan’s neighbouring country, many Korean kids grew up watching a few dubbed Japanese anime. Crayon Shin-chan is by far the most popular childhood anime series in Korea, which is still loved by all ages. Recently, Nana from the girl group Woo!ah! Has uploaded a short video of her dancing to the intro song of Jjang gu - her all time favourite show. This easy and cute choreo made by Nana herself quickly trended in Tiktok Korea as the “#짱구춤” (Jjang gu Dance). 

Young, Wild & Free Challenge

TikTok | @reason_b_03

This Tiktok video went viral a couple of months back, during the high school graduation period in Korea. These boys took this video on their graduation day and the song’s title ‘Young, Wild & Free’ were the perfect definition of them 😍 Since then, other graduates started covering the choreo in their graduations as well - now they call it the “Graduation Dance”! Even though it’s been a while, the song and the dance is still loved by Tiktokers, still having other dancers’ versions being uploaded now and then. You don’t HAVE to be graduating to take this Tiktok viral vid yourself, so maybe give it a go on a trip with your friends for some fun memories 🚗

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