Hi Beauties 💕

If anyone haven’t heard about it yet, there had been a big, and I mean BIG HYPE
in Hikoco recently 🤩


Last week on 12th Dec, we surprised everyone with a sudden reveal of Lucky Boxes that is worth so much more than what they were priced! The sudden sell out of these boxes within 2 hours of sales online and within 5 hours offline, totally took us by surprise 🙈🙉🙊

 We didn’t realise that there were so many beauties that had love towards all our products and towards Hikoco as well, so we could not possibly thank you more for all the support 😍

 Another surprise that we’ve brought with the Lucky Boxes was a Lucky Ticket inside one of them, which granted the lucky winner “365 Sheet Masks” for the soon to come, 2019! 👏🏻

The lucky winner was Hiuyin, who have made the perfect choice to select #18 from the Newmarket store, CONGRATULATIONS TO HIUYIN! 🎉🎉🎉

Once again, thank you to all our beauties who got on board with our Lucky Box Event 😍
For those who have just missed the chance of getting your hands on the Lucky Boxes, look out for another set next year!! Will come to you as a surprise 🎁😉


Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas Beauties💕


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How can I get a lucky box :) big fan of Korea products. Just discovered your store. Would be nice to have in Wellington .

Ruth Berkalitzky October 12, 2020

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