What Is Your Acne Telling You?

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Hi beauties!

Today I am going to talk to you guys about what your acne might be signing you. First of all acne is a type of skin condition which is very common and well known. But it is not commonly known to people about why acne happens to different parts of your face.

Common factors for acne are pores of your skin being blocked with oil, dead skin or bacteria, hormonal changes, cosmetics that are not right. Other than this there are messages the body is telling you depending on the area of acne on your face. This includes health issues and bad habits that you might have. I will explain what your body is telling you depending on the area of your acne!


The Forehead

Acne on your forehead can be due to two main reasons. The first reason is your fringe. Hair is part of your body which can have many bacteria or oil. If you have a fringe the oil or bacteria from your fringe could block the pores on your forehead leading to acne. Another possible reason from your fringes is hair products you may apply such as hair wax which will block the pores of your forehead. Apart from fringes reason for acne on forehead indicate a potential problem with the digestive system. Breakouts can mean a poor diet and lack of water and it is best to avoid junk food and food which are greasy. 



Habits which could cause acne on the cheeks include contact with phones while you are on call or sleeping with your face on your pillow. There are many bacteria on your phones and pillow but also the friction while rubbing objects on your cheeks can cause acne. Apart from this acne on cheeks can mean a problem in your respiratory system. This could be assisted if you avoid smoking and eat more vegetable reducing sugar, meat and dairy products. 



The nose is linked to your heart. Although excess oil production can be a cause to acne on your nose if you have dry skin type this may be a sign of high blood pressure. It is best to avoid spicy, salty and greasy food.


Between your eyebrows

Acne between your eyebrows is linked to your liver and occurs when your body is tired or you drink a lot of alcohol. You must avoid drinking and have enough sleep.


Chin and Jawline

Acne around the chin and jawline are closely linked with hormonal changes. It is not very common to adults past puberty but it is common to women during their period. This is not a very major issue and will disappear if you don’t pick or touch the acne around your chin. A habit which could lead to acne around your chin and jawline is leaning your chin on your hands. The hands which are the part of your body with the most bacteria could lead to acne if you keep touching a certain part of your face.


Recommended products for acne skin



This spot cream with mild ingredients give a fast and powerful soothing effect to skin troubles. The ingredients in this spot cream replenish hydration to troubled areas as well as strengthen your skin barrier. All these key ingredients have soothing and healing properties which eliminate acne breakouts faster and also boosts skin cell renewal. This cream can be used day night. Apply a thin layer over troubled areas in the day time and a thicker layer at night times for a more intensive care overnight. Spot Cream can be used for all skin type with acne or skin troubles.



This cleanser gently removes dead skin cells, dirt and sebum with soft foam which also unclogs your pores. The ingredient in this cleanser soothes and strengthens your skin barrier. They also deliver antioxidants to your skin protecting it from free radicals and sun damage. Also the main ingredient, Salicylic Acid is a BHA which breaks down the oil in your pores and dissolves blackheads, unclogging pores. It is a natural chemical exfoliator that heals and calms active acne. This product is recommended for acne skin but can be used for all skin types. It can be used day and night. Apply an appropriate amount of cleanser onto wet hands and massage on face in gentle, circular motions over the entire face and rinse off with lukewarm water. 


There are many factors which cause acne and it is very difficult to know the exact reason for acne. But it is best to try methods which will help make your skin a condition which will be free from acne. To cure acne you must follow a good skin care routine from cleansing to sun protection and by using the products recommended it will surely give some help to your skin.



Written By. Seung Yun Lee

 Title Photo 📸 https://www.nykaa.com

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