How To Keep Your Makeup Perfect ALL DAY✨

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Hi Beauties!! 🌸

Are you having problems with your makeup not looking the same as when you left the house? If your makeup is either drying up, breaking down or looking too oily throughout the day, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’m going to be telling you the know-hows of having skin makeup that looks flawless all day!

“My makeup clings to dry patches or flakes up by the end of the day!”

The first place to start is checking your skincare routine! A chemical or physical exfoliator used 2-3 times a week is great for removing any dead skin, and leaving your face feeling baby-soft and smooth.

For makeup that stays hydrated all day, the right amount of moisture is essential. It may be tempting to reach straight for the thickest moisturiser you own on those particularly dry mornings, but the secret actually lies in the layers. Building up a good moisture base with toners and essences not only helps to promote better absorption of the products you apply after, but it also means your skin gets hydrated from within. When your skin is hydrated deep beyond the surface layer, it means it is retaining moisture and much less likely to lack it throughout the day.

A great way to do this is through layering your toner. The “7-Skin Method” was a popular trend in Korea, which involved layering a toner 7 times. However, 7 times might seem like a bit too much for some people (especially during the morning rush) but good news even layering just 2-3 times more than usual will have you seeing promising results! Alternatively, toner pads are also effective as the pads are soaked through with product sufficiently delivering and evenly distributing the product on your face.

Follow up with a light, fast-absorbing cream and sunscreen to lock it all in, and you’re good to go!

Using a hydrating base/primer under makeup can further help with retaining moisture. If it is still persistent, I would also suggest using a lighter and dewier foundation/BB cream for all over the face, and then using a good concealer on specific blemishes or problem areas that need further coverage. Also remember to pat, not rub in the product!

“My makeup breaks down and looks messy and cakey by the end of the day!”

“Breaking down” is when your makeup looks cracked or separated after a while, making it obvious that you’re wearing makeup and not in a good way!

Primers might just be your new best friend! Primers can do a lot of things, but one of the main functions is to help makeup adhere better to the face to keep it long-lasting. Putting on a thin layer before your foundation might just be the extra support that your foundation needs.

It is also a good idea to always make sure that all skincare products are fully absorbed before you move onto the next step. Heavier creams or balms tend to either take longer to absorb, or work to form a barrier on top of your skin. Similar to applying lipstick immediately after lip balm, there could be a higher chance of it mixing in with your makeup to change the formulation, causing it to slip around and break down quicker. It will be worth waiting for a few minutes before moving onto makeup, and remember to build coverage in light layers.

Finally, a setting spray or powder as the final touch can help to set your makeup and fix it in place - and touch-ups during the day never hurt, either!

If you find that you’re still having trouble, it could just mean that the makeup you’re using isn’t right for your skin type.😱

“My makeup looks too shiny and oily by the end of the day!”

Another great function of some primers is oil control. As with powders, many of them also help to regulate sebum and keep your skin looking matt.

If you like to use powder, feel free to powder lightly after applying foundation. To maintain dewy-looking skin without looking oily, only apply on the t-zone and under-eye area. Doing so will ensure that you still get the glow in all the right places!

Hope these tips helped you beauties! Remember to stay hydrated, stay beautiful, and most importantly, stay safe!💜

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