HI REVIEW: Rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion

by Cindy Lu

Hey Beauties! 

I have been a long-time fan of Rom&nd and am in LOVE with their lip products so you can just imagine the excitement when finding out HIKOCO stocked their Rom&nd Nu Zero cushion! Let’s dive straight into the details of the product 😊

Product Features

Price: $37

Quantity: 14g

Shades: #1 Porcelain17, #2 Pure21, #3 Natural21, #4 Beige23, #5 Sand25

I got the shade #4 Beige23. One thing I noticed immediately was that the colour was definitely more neutral rather than cool or warm toned. I usually pick out warm-toned base products just because I have a more yellow complexion - so although the shade seemed like a match, the neutral tone brightened my skin complexion! Keep this in mind when you are shopping!! 


The packaging is a sleek matte gray with a black cushion sponge. The sponge is a teardrop shape which allows for more precise application. The sponge that is soaked in the foundation is firm, which I really like because it prevents you from pressing out an excessive amount of product! 

Texture and Coverage 

The #1 BEST thing about this product, in my opinion, is definitely the finish and texture of the product. It applies liquidy, light-weight, and sinks seamlessly into the skin with a semi-matte finish. Rather than giving the skin the dewy or glossy glow - it gives more of a healthy and natural glow to the skin

In terms of coverage, I would say it has a light to medium buildable coverage! It covers dark spots decently and does an AMAZING job with minimizing pore and sebum appearance near the nose even with a thin layer. It doesn’t quite cover up acne bumps or more textured spots. If you are looking for a product to cover-up all your acne spots or texture completely, this one might not be quite enough for that! 

Personally for my combination-dry skin, I thought the cushion looked best with one thin layer all over. For my more troubled areas like my eyebags or acne, I would add a second layer over just those areas for some extra coverage. 


I found that after around the 5 hour mark, the coverage begins to fade especially around my acne and around the nose. But even after a full day of work without reapplying AND with a mask on, I could still tell I had light coverage on my skin which was really nice. On top of that, this cushion is definitely one of those cushions that fades gracefully. No random collection of foundation in my smile lines or dry spots! I also didn’t have an excessive amount of oil - but this is coming from someone with combination-dry skin (especially during the drier winter months). One issue I found was that this product does oxidize and slightly darken after an hour of wear. It is VERY minimal, however this could be important when shade matching! 

Personal Opinion

The Rom&nd Nu Zero Cushion has become my trusty on-the-go cushion foundation! The highlights were definitely the natural semi-matte finish and how nicely it faded after hours of wear. Personally, the main downside was the shade match which was a bit light as I usually opt for a more warm-tone to match my skin shade better. I would highly recommend this for ALL skin types looking for something to give them a ‘my skin but better’ moment 🤩

Thanks for reading ❤️

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