HI-REVIEW: Purito Oat-in Intense Cream

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Hi Beauties!

As a dry skin gal, I am very picky with my moisturisers so I was actually slightly nervous about giving the Purito Oat-In Intense Cream a go 😬 But nonetheless was very surprised. Continue reading for my thoughts!First things first, this is exactly how it looked when it turned up to me! The bottle comes in probably the most minimalist packaging I’ve seen in K-beauty and with a paper label! This cream claims to be a deeply moisturising cream that delivers relief to parched skin with superior hydration.

Product Features

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the face, neck and body as desired. 

Price: $41

Quantity: 150mLPackaging: You saw how simple the outer packaging was but wait, there’s more to talk about! The plastic bottle comes with a metal-free pump and embossed detail of the brand and product name. The embossed font is so cute! 😍

Texture: Light cream texture that is easy to spread

Scent: This product has no added fragrance but there is a faint oat scent from the high % of oat ingredients. But for those that don’t love scented skincare, the oat scent is only noticeable during application and dissipates quickly.

When I looked at the ingredient list, the cream is as simple as the packaging with only 15 ingredients! As the name of the product suggests, this moisturiser is all about 🌾OAT🌾 ( it contains 71.95% oat components)!

I love how Purito identified each of the ingredient's purposes (skin conditioning agent, humectant etc), just take a look on the HIKOCO site and you’ll know what I mean! 😉

But very briefly, here is a little breakdown of the key oat ingredients:

Oat Seed Water
A superstar at soothing, Oat Seed Water helps to provide calming relief to sensitive and sensitised skin.

Oat Kernel Oil
Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, Oat Kernel Oil helps restore balance and moisturise the skin.

Oat Kernel Flour
Delivering both softening and moisturising benefits, Oat Kernel Flour helps to give a smoother complexion.

Oat Kernel Extract
This mild extract supports more than just soothed skin. Oat Kernel Extract also helps maintain moisture levels and prevent dryness.

The product is also free from artificial fragrance, essential oil, ethanol, paraben, PEG and silicone too!

Personal experience

Although Purito claims you can use this moisturiser for your body as well, the amount of product dispensed in each pump is not a lot so if you want to use it for a large area, you might be needing texture pumps. Personally,  I find 3 full pumps perfect for my face and neck.Though it is named as an “intense cream,” the texture isn’t heavy and doesn’t leave a greasy finish. It’ll leave you with a natural glow and will settle down so you don’t look like a grease ball! I am pretty surprised that even with a short ingredient list, it still delivered hydration and nourishment to the skin. 

But I don’t think this is THE moisturiser for extremely dry skin like mine. The Oat-In Intense Cream performed well enough for me as an overnight cream, but I found it wasn’t enough moisture to last the entire day (8+ hours). I think I would appreciate this cream a lot more during warmer months for sure! If you have oily (or even combo) skin, this might benefit you a lot more and will be more versatile throughout the year too.

Lastly, I do want to mention everything is recyclable. Metal-free pump, paper tag, and plastic bottle. I really appreciate their sustainability initiatives in reducing the volume of raw materials used in production and simplifying the recycling process. Not to mention, it’s awesome seeing more brands like Purito making an effort 🌏

Hope you find this review helpful! Wishing you a good skin and hair day xx



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    Hi – wondering which moisturizers Simone recommends for extremely dry skin like theirs? thank you.


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    Hi, what moisturisers do you recommend for dry skin?
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