HI-REVIEW: Laneige Cream Skin Refiner ❄️

3 comments by Natalie Ong
Hi Beauties! 🌸
Hikoco recently stocked the amazing Laneige Cream Skin Refiner and in no time,
it’s one of the bestsellers! This toner is highly raved among many, so I’ve tried it out
myself. After testing the Cream Skin for two weeks, here is my honest review ✨ .

Price: $42
Quantity: 150ml
Product Description: “Miraculous skin fortifier, deep hydration repairs and
strengthens skin barrier. Leave your skin moisturized at the first step of your skin
care routine with Cream Skin Refiner. ”

How to Use:

Basic Direction - In the morning and evening, at the toner stage, put an appropriate amount on your palm and gently pat until absorbed.

Use as a Moisturizing Toner Pack - Wet cotton pads with Cream Skin to use as a
moisturizing toner pack. Leave the pack on for about 2 minutes and remove. Pat the remaining Cream Skin until absorbed to feel the instant soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Laneige uses the ‘Cream Blending Technology’ to combine the benefits of both
toners and creams. By using this method, the Cream Skin has the texture and
absorption of a toner as well as the moisturizing ability of a cream! Laneige has
proven that the moisturizing effect of the Cream Skin is the same, if not better than
their moisture cream 🤩.
The Cream Skin has white leaf tea water as one of their main ingredient. It is highly
rich in amino acids and helps moisturize, soothe and strengthen the skin barrier. The toner contains only mild and safe essential ingredients to moisturize dry skin
effectively without irritating sensitive skin!

The toner looks creamy and milky but the consistency is watery and easily
absorbed. It does not have any scent, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Using this
toner, it left my skin feeling hydrated and moisturized, even when I have very
sensitive dry skin! It does not irritate at all and leaves my skin dewy and plump. The
toner feels amazing when used with the toning method, it helped soothe and
moisturize my dry patches, as well as preventing flakiness!


After using the Cream Skin Refiner for a little over 2 weeks, it really helped hydrate
my extremely dry skin! I have very sensitive skin and can tend to break out from
heavy creams, but this toner achieved the same moisturizing effect even with a light
consistency. It did not clog my pores, instead it prevented a lot of my acne! The
results happened instantly, even more so if your skin has never been properly

I really recommend this toner to beauties who are struggling with dry and sensitive
skin. It moisturizes immensely and works wonders to keeps your skin dewy like
never before! Other than that, I believe it can suit any skin type, even combination
skin type. However, if you have oily skin (unless it’s dehydrated!), I don’t think you
would like the finishing of this toner, it does leave a film of ‘dewy’ shininess on your
skin. The Cream Skin Refiner is the perfect toner for layering and for people who
craves hydration with minimal skin care steps :D

Thanks for reading my rambles and I hope it helped you out! Stay gorgeous 

🌸 till next time~


  • avi

    I literally cannot live without this.


    Hi Hafsa,
    Laneige has reformulated their Cream Skin Refiner to contain more hydrating ingredients :)
    We have linked it here for you to shop if you would like: https://hikoco.co.nz/products/cream-skin-refiner
    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • hafsa

    I see this product is no longer in store I am just wondering if it ever will be. because it’s an amazing product I bought it once and fell in love with it but was sad to know that it is no longer here.

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