HI-REVIEW: I'm From Mugwort Serum

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Hi Beauties! Are you in search of a unique serum that combines both mugwort and garlic? Look no further than the I'm From Mugwort Serum! This lightweight brightening, and soothing serum is truly one of a kind. After using it for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it's liquid gold for my skin. If you're curious to know more, keep reading for my detailed thoughts on this amazing serum.


Price: $45

Quantity: 30ml

How to use: 

Apply this serum after toner/cleansing. Use 2-3 drops on your face and neck. Use AM & PM.

First up, Mugwort!! You might’ve seen this ingredient in many K-Beauty skincare and that's because it's considered a game-changer and here’s why~~

Mugwort is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial AND anti-microbial properties. This all helps soothe redness and strengthen sensitive skin, to help combat and prevent pimples from popping up. 

Mugwort also has antioxidant properties too! This means it helps fight off free radicals that can lead to premature aging. As Mugwort has so many of these wonderful factors, it’s one essential ingredient to enhance skin’s overall health and radiance.

But there's another key ingredient found in this serum. It may be a little more unusual, but it's Garlic exosomes! Don't be surprised by its presence in skincare products because Garlic has some amazing benefits for our skin. An antifungal, Garlic has a potent amount of allicin to fight against fungal infections. It also prevents infections and reduces inflammation within our skin. 

But that's not the end of it! In addition to Garlic’s skin-smoothing properties and the fact that it enhances blood flow, this serum gives our skin a natural youthful glow from within.


I recently tried this serum while I was experiencing a breakout, which allowed me to really test its efficacy. My first impression of the serum was that it had a lightweight and watery texture that absorbed quickly into my skin. As someone with sensitive and acne-prone skin, I loved its texture and fragrance-free formulation. 

Upon application, I noticed a significant reduction in the redness on my cheeks caused by my breakouts. Within three days of use, my breakouts began to diminish in size, and after a week, the breakout on my chin had disappeared completely. 

By the third week, the breakouts on my forehead were also significantly reduced, and my skin texture had improved significantly. While my acne scars remained, I noticed that my skin tone appeared more even by the third week.

As a teenager with sensitive and acne-prone skin, finding a serum that works effectively and can be seamlessly incorporated into my skincare routine can be challenging. This is a fantastic investment for anyone experiencing similar skin concerns. Hope this helped Beauties out! Until next time, thanks for reading ☺️



    Hi Olivia,
    This I’m From Mugwort Serum is lightweight so will absorb quite fast into the skin, without leaving a sticky residue.
    Hope this helps. Thanks for reading xx

  • Olivia

    Thank you for the review! Can you please also tell me if it leaves a sticky residue after applying?

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