HI-REVIEW: Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad 🍊

Hello Beauties !!!! 

Once again it’s a change of season which also means our skin changes !!! For those that suffer different skin tones or your skin becomes quite dull, The Goodal Green Tangerine Vitamin C Toner Pad is for you !!! 

What is Green Tangerine and why is it good for you skin? 

Green Tangerine helps to treat skin conditions as well as it helps to delay the signs of aging. It’s also offers smooth and youthful skin with the help of Vitamin C , it is also an amazing antioxidant Nutrient! Therefore making Green Tangerine a must have in your skincare !!!! 

How does the GOODAL Vitamin C Toner Pad work ? 

After cleansing your skin on the morning, apply the pad with the bubbly side first and gently go around your face , avoid the eye and lip area and then flip the pad over and gently wipe off any remaining dirt, makeup or dust on your skin ! This will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh!!! 

Why choose Goodal? 

For those who are looking for better results and clear skin, Goodal is the best ! For me when I first used the set which was the Goodal toner pad, Vitamin C dark spot serum and the Vitamin C & E moisture cream, within 2 weeks my skin become more clear. Less spotting and my skin tone become balanced and clear so I highly recommend these products for those beauty’s out their who want that perfect glow and clear skin !!! So I totally recommend to get the set as well !! 

Final thoughts !!! 

I personally feel that Goodal is an amazing range and has helped my skin soo much ! This product is excellent for those with sensitive skin , dry and oily ❤ The toner pads I found were much better than COSRX and help clear the redness from my skin quicker as well ! 

I definitely recommend to use the Goodal Toner Pad It just helps to lock in moisture in the skin and makes your morning routine feel refreshed and ready ! You can buy the Goodal range at hikoco.com or at both branches !!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Give it a try !!! 

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Hi, I really love the review. I wanna ask,
Which is best for combination type, this goodal or bellamonster blemish care solution pad? Are these products could help reduce the whiteheads or not?

Annisa November 23, 2019

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