YOUTUBE: "No Prepare" & Hang Out with K-pop Idols

by Michelle Li

Korean variety shows are the best for giving us a deeper look into our favourite k-pop entertainers’ personalities! But now with Youtube being such a big space in Korea, you can find a lot of K-variety-type shows on this platform too. Because of the way that the shows on Youtube are set up and filmed, the K-guests that come on the shows feel more comfortable which means for us, we get a peek of their personalities that they can only be shown off-screen. One of the channels that have been growing with viral clips is Lee Young Ji’s No Prepare or in Korean 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만 and “no prepare” is exactly what you get! No script or prep, just Young Ji being herself, barefaced and even wearing pajamas too 🤩

YOUTUBE | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만

If you haven’t watched any shows featuring Young Ji’s, you may be shocked to see how open she is. But that brings out all the fun for the show! She’s got a loud, bold personality and does not care what others think. She is so outright too, showing her nervousness in a hilarious way, leaving the guests feeling so comfortable to do the same and be just as carefree as she is. I think with Young Ji’s personality and her at-home fit, the guests are more inclined to open up and talk about even the most personal topics. What makes this show feel more low-key is it’s actually filmed in Young Ji’s apartment. All the better, to make the show cosy and homely. The perfect setting to hang out with friends and chat if you ask me!

In fact, the whole concept of the show is drinking together and chatting the night away. It really feels like a show where you are just hanging out with the guests in person, even though you're just watching through a screen 😂 I also love how the production crew is involved as you can hear them laughing and guests interacting with them too. Each episode starts with Young Ji making their favourite alcoholic drink or very rarely her cooking and already it’s complete chaos! Her loud personality mixed with her very limited knowledge of preparing food is not a good match but that’s just part of the fun for us watching. In each episode she makes sure that her guests are well-catered for by making them feel relaxed, starting off with the food! But even without it, they’ve got the alcohol along with Young Ji’s extroverted personality to create the perfect space for honesty. Even before the guests are introduced, it starts off with a shot 🍻

YOUTUBE | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만

After a few drinks, that’s when the guests loosen up to spill all the tea! They start talking about anything and everything, tending to open up about more personal conversations that you usually won’t hear about in other K-variety shows. From handling wardrobe malfunctions to dating life, and even disclosing contract details, you’ll hear it all on No Prepare. One of the most viral clips comes from Seventeen's Hoshi. He mentioned he can only handle one bottle of soju but after challenging each other to not speak English, he ended up finishing about four bottles. The aftermath, an emotional yet hilarious moment for not just Young Ji but us watching 🤣 And just like when you hang out with friends and don’t want to part, the guests feel the same, refusing to leave her apartment.

YOUTUBE | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만

One thing for sure is the guests really have to have a high alcohol tolerance to survive this show! And if they don’t, it’s a treat for us to hear all the gossip that goes on in the industry. This is the show to look forward to every week for some laughs and K-entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else 😉 Chill and fill up your nights with fun at Young Ji's No Prepare apartment here!

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