The Most Wholesome TikTok Challenge Ever? 🥺

by Rebecca Kim

Remembering the past in the present

Mullets, neon leotards and low-rise jeans are gladly things of the past, but every so often, looking back on the past memories can bring smiles to our faces 💕

In honour of Family Month, Korean TikTok created a hashtag event that the whole family could participate in! The “My Life’s First Idol” event was hosted in collaboration with Focus Media, an elevator TV company, to remind us to take time thinking of precious memories with our families. As the majority of people who regularly use TikTok are young people in their teens, it was also a way for parents to participate in the app that is so popular amongst their children’s generation, hopefully making it less bewildering for them 😂

The rules involved people uploading to TikTok recreating their old family photos with the hashtags #리멤버챌린지 (#RememberChallenge) #내생애최초의아이돌 (#MyLifesFirstIdol) and lastly, the area that they lived in. During the event period, entries were played on the apartment elevator TVs run by Focus Media throughout Seoul, in the tagged areas that they lived in. Some selected winners also won prizes including Xiaomi Robot Vacuums and Instax Polaroid cameras - not too shabby for a few-second clip 🤩 

We’ve seen the photo trend of this before, but it feels completely new seeing the recreations being made in video form. Due to the short concept of TikTok videos, it made for the perfect platform to create and watch these videos!

Seeing all the comparisons, some of them are honestly quite tear-jerking when we see how the parents and kids have matured over the years. Some are just hilarious, seeing people copying the silly faces or the positions they were in as babies 👶 Many people also try to wear similar clothes to the past photos, which adds to the entertainment!

This challenge could be a meaningful way to make some new memories together during this Family Month to see how much has changed overtime (or hasn’t changed at all 😂). I never thought that I would say this, but I will also be getting my family together to make some TikToks with me, for sure! 

If you’re in the mood for something wholesome and heartwarming, I can definitely suggest for you to try this with your friends or family too 💞

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