Playlist: Ready for Hangul Day with a Hangul Playlist

by Michelle Li

I’m sure many of you have sung along with K-pop songs… but only sang your heart out with just the English lyrics. It’s the part that makes the songs that much more catchy and fun 🎤 I’ve read a few interviews from K-pop idols and they have said that using English lyrics or even having the song all sung in English is better to keep the integral meaning of the song. This is because the songs are actually produced all in English and then translated most of the time. But with Hangul Day (한글날) around the corner (9th Oct), we thought we would celebrate it with a K-Playlist, fully in Korean. Hangul is like the alphabet in Korean and are the characters that make up all the Korean words. It actually took a while compiling a list of songs ALL in Korean from beginning to end. I was actually surprised that a lot of K-pop songs nowadays have AT LEAST one line of English. With Hangul Day next week, why not upskill your Korean-speaking skills with this playlist 🎶?!

🎤 HIKOCO Playlist   

 Apple Music 


🎤 Start your own Korean 101 lessons with these tracks:

Ganada - HYBE EDU

Into the New World - Girl’s Generation 

Don’t Wanna Cry - Seventeen

Everyday with You - IU


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