Korean 2020 F/W Fashion Trend Items to Note 📝

by Isabel Bang

1. Knitted Vests


Knitted vests were a big hit in the past F/W season, no matter plaid or plaid patterned! 🏁 It’s the easiest to match it with a long-sleeved shirt inside, but In Korea, they tend to wear it with a t-shirt as well for a more casual look! The standard length vests are worn by both guys & girls, but for girls, they go a lot for the cropped knitted vests to match with dresses or high waisted pants - Hint! Cropped tops make the top half of your body shorter, which allows you to have longer legs = perf proportion 👌

2. Fleece Jackets


If you see an Asian person wearing an Ivory coloured Patagonia Classic Retro-X Fleece Jacket this winter, 99% chance that they’re Korean. If you remember literally all Koreans wearing height-long padded jackets a couple of years ago, this time it’s fleece jackets. The sherpa fleeces are lightweight, windproof, and most of all, FLUFFY & CUTE! Both guys & girls were crazy about these cosy jackets, especially students. It’s an agreed opinion that the ivory fleece jackets go well with casual looks and even school uniforms, having Korean high schools filled with walking balls of ivory fluffs.

3. Wide Slacks

Brich / Instagram @oneonones_ / Ribino

It’s been a while since Korean fashion moved away from skinny jeans, onto wide pants. As the 80s fashion came back into trend, wide and long pants are now the default bottoms for everyone. Wide jeans and cotton pants can be seen a lot too, but wide slacks (aka. dress pants) are the most popular. Reason being is because you can wear them literally anywhere! With a formal office look, with a cardi for a lunch date, or just with a hoodie and a cap for a walk in the park - great for an effortless “high-low” look. These slacks tend to be not only wide but very long, making them a great match with high heels or platform Converse.

4. Plaid Skirt

Instagram @glowmood / CODIBOOK / HIJJOO

Short shorts and mini skirts are now a thing of the past. Now fashion is putting comfort as a priority, having wide pants and long skirts as the new trend. For these long skirts, summer calls chiffon and winter calls for plaid wool. After the return of retro, plaid patterns are coming back in both tops and bottoms. Not only are the plaid wool long skirts nice and thick to keep us warm, but are the perfect statement piece when keeping everything else simple. Wearing an all black top, jacket and shoes and having a plaid skirt to stand out itself keeps the look clean and unique at the same time!

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