K-Pop Industry Takes On CEO Energy!

by Michelle Li

K-pop stars are making headlines internationally, and so comes the influx of brand ambassadorships grabbing even more global attention. But some K-pop idols take it a step further by actually collaborating with brands, and even more so, owning their personal brands! I’ve compiled four that are making headlines 👇🏻 

Jennie X Gentle Monster

Instagram | @gentlemonster

Our K-pop it-girl, Jennie is a trendsetter in many areas, from her two-toned hair to balletcore-sets, and even her “band-aid look” that went viral, with many people replicating it. When it comes to fashion, we’re always on the lookout for what she comes up with next. Her latest collab with Gentle Monster has gained hype even before its release. This is now her third collaboration with the sunglass brand and it doesn’t seem like she’s stopping anytime soon! The collab, “Jentle Salon” PR package is to die for - 5 pairs of glasses in total, and charms to decorate them with have already become an icon in itself 🦄🫧🎀  This collection went live May 1st and as I write this, I'm predicting it's already sold out! 


Instagram | @ceebs_clothing

It’s only recently that the whole world found out who the owner behind CEEBS was. Before that, fans had to do some digging. Soon they found out that payments were directed to BTOB Peniel, an executive of this brand. He kept it secret to prevent fans buying just ‘cause he was behind the creation of CEEBS. When it comes to this clothing brand, think streetwear styles 🧢 CEEBS aims to keep you comfy and stylish even when you can’t be “ceebs”; can’t be bothered. Quite a few celebrities have been spotted in it - you’ll often find Peniel’s best friend, Stray Kid’s Bang Chan repping the clothes. 


Instagram | @glyfing

It’s rare to see a K-pop idol being the CEO of a makeup brand, but Somi has done it and killed it! Her brand GLYF’s first launch, is a highlighter palette, different to others. She’s talked about having trouble finding highlights that have a vibrant glow yet defined with clear colour and so… she made her very own, the ILLUÉTTE Highlighter Palette. You can tell that she was highly involved in the creation of the brand and palette (down to the packaging 🧑🏻‍🎨) as her personality shines through in all aspects!

@biyaaaa X AOU Cosmetics

Instagram | @biyaaaa

Though not a K-pop idol, Jo Eun is very much part of the K-pop industry! Being a makeup artist, she’s one of the main staff behind-the-scenes that makes sure stars look performance-ready. I’ve talked about Jo Eun before, as we gave away a few of her K-pop idol’s makeup secrets before (click here for the TMI article). She’s the makeup artist for this generations’ top idols; her clientele include Twice, Aespa and NMIXX. But she’s also behind rapidly growing makeup brand, AOU Cosmetics, best known for their multi-use Glowy Tint Balm 💖 With 9 colours, these basically give you so much shine and dew, which is all the rage right now - definitely a must-have in any Korean’s makeup bags. Earlier this year, she launched the Floffy Matte Balm, the matte powdery version which I think is simply perfect for F/W 🍂

These brand collabs or even creating brands from the very beginning offers more excitement, giving us a personal touch of celebrities' style that we’ve fallen in love with. Now with more celebs joining this mix, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!

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