Pick Up Outfit Ideas From K-Fashion YouTubers

by Isabel Bang

In my closet, I’ve got tons of clothes that come and go. The reason why I think I have no clothes is because I pair each top with a bottom, and wear that outfit repetitively until I get sick of it. If I was more creative, there would have been many different ways to style each of my items. When I need a helping hand for some fashion creativity, YouTube is always my best friend. There are hundreds of Korean fashion YouTubers to grab outfit ideas and inspos from, and below are a few of my faves!

HEYNEE’s showindow

I reckon Hyenee’s channel is one of the most professional fashion YouTube channels that you’ll find among Koreans. This model/fashion marketer has a vast knowledge of everything related to fashion, trends, and styling tips. For video recommendations from her, it’ll obviously include her famous BODY SHAPE STYLING playlist. These videos have very VERY detailed explanations of what each body shape should look for when wearing each clothing item. Tips for vests, jeans, skirts, dress pants, trench coats, she has them all. You can defs see how much effort has been put in for each video to deliver accurate information for the viewers! My second (and favourite) playlist rec from HEYNEE’s showindow is the OFFICE LOOKBOOK. This series has a fictional storyline that I’m lowkey enjoying… (ship Hyejin❤️Jaewon). The main character Hyejin goes to a production company that has a relaxed dress code, and she enjoys simple looks with unique items - you’ll see repeating items in different outfits, matched in various ways. Each video is a month-long lookbook following the weather data of the year prior, making each month’s fashion suggestions more useful to follow. If your company doesn’t strictly ask for suits only, this could be where you get your daily office #ootd ideas!

Jelita soo 

I actually first found Jelita soo with her skincare video. But soon after watching a few of her other vids, I figured that she’s a Vlogger, Beauty YouTuber, but mostly a passionate Fashion YouTuber. As a petite size myself, I was so happy to find someone that offers short-girl-outfit & styling tips! 4’8” tall, Jelita soo is a petite size girl that’ll just go right in your pocket 💓 Rather than simple lookbooks, she talks about the details of each item she brings to the camera and recommends the clothing brands she uses as well. With a soft and relaxing tone of voice, all her videos are easy and relaxing to watch. She does wear feminine looks at times but seems to be more interested in the hipster street looks. I personally enjoyed her “snatched street look” and “training pants outfits” vids the best! Jelita soo has Indonesian and English subtitles in most of her videos, so feel free to roam around her channel.


Out of so many other male fashion YouTubers, Veiled was one of the very few who offered English subs, and one who had the most aesthetic videos! I say that his lookbooks are in the quality of professional fashion magazine channels - I enjoy his so-called “fashion films,” especially the “New Shoes” and the “5 Looks Korean Men Outfit” video 👔 Aside from his usual lookbook videos that offers outfit ideas, the video that I thought many would be interested in was his semi-vlog where he shared styling tips with glasses. Korean men use glasses a lot as a fashion accessory, and those who are wanting to try glasses looks could take some reference off Veiled! Veiled is a model himself, but also a fashion stylist for K-Pop idols. In one of his vlogs you can find him at work as a stylist for SF9 Rowoon and P1Harmony, and visiting Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week 2022 🇫🇷

Habi unnie

Habi unnie calls herself a “tong-tong nyuh” (통통녀) meaning a “chubby girl,” which I think is not true at all 🙄 She’s a fashion YouTuber that recommends styling tips for “thicc” women to highlight their beauty ✨ Unlike the YouTubers above, Habi doesn’t have many subbed videos but that’s not a problem for lookbooks! Her two to four-minute lookbooks have specific themes to them such as skirt looks, jeans compilation, winter outers, spring outfits, etc. As you go through her videos, you’ll soon fall in love with her precious smile as I did as well xx Her styles range from parties & formals to casual & homewares, so you’re in for a whole collection of outfit options to take reference from! Ever since her YouTube channel spread by word of mouth, Habi opened up an online clothing shop that specialises M to XL sizes (based in Korea). She models her clothes herself, so everyone who has a similar body shape and size absolutely loves this place! 

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