K-Fashion: Get the Look - 'Geek Chic' 🤎

by Michelle Li

As we enter Autumn, it’s the season to introduce you to the next fashion trend that took over Korea! Korea’s autumn has long passed, but this trend is still being spotted as they head into the summer season! Nonetheless, the ‘Geek Chic’ aesthetic just so happens to be best for cosy Autumn 🤓🤎 These three components are what it takes to pull of this unisex aesthetic!

Collared Blouse + V-Neck Outer Combo


Autumn fashion is all about layering! A collared blouse is always a classic to look put together, but even more so when you pair it under a v-neck knit or cardigan. The trick here is for the blouse to peek through with the collar out. Add a thin scarf (another K-fashion trend!!) or go all out with a suit tie to really portray ‘Geek Chic’ 👔

Tailored Bottoms


For the bottoms, tailored styles are key! Tennis skirts are a popular option, with the pleats being all you need. As we move into the colder months, throw on some tights or opt for tailored pants. To keep the outfit everyday-casual, look for wide-leg styles that are continuing to be a staple fit in everyone’s closet.

'Geek Chic’ Glasses 


Lastly, what really completes the ‘Geek Chic’ aesthetic are the glasses. Think the 90’s, super thick frames, or super thin frames. Go for thin metal, tortoise shell or classic black to pull off the look. Horn-rimmed framed glasses are the ones that most Koreans are going for 😉

Having these three points in your outfit is how you achieve the trending Geek Chic aesthetic! It’s perfect for autumn as it’s all about layering! Don’t forget the accessories and you’ll be all ready to go (plus kept very warm too!).  

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