K-Fashion: Soft and Fluffy Bag You'll Fall in Love With!

by Emma Kim

Along with the crocheted fashion trend that sweeped Korea during their scorching hot summer season, their interest has been deep into the trend of chunky yarn accessories keeping them both warm and entertaining to make throughout the colder season. These adorable bags are also called hodu (호두) bag or kkuldanji(꿀단지) bag since they look like a walnut (hodu)  or a jar of honey (꿀단지) depending on its size and how chunky it is.

Instagram | @seol_workroom

Actress Yoon Eun Hye uploaded a vlog on her Youtube channel, showing her craft skills making some of these chunky yarn bags for herself and her friend. Yoon Eun Hye is very active on her channel sharing her other charming sides when she’s not filming or making music. Many celebrities have shared their love for making yarn bags and crocheting across TV shows and their social media too. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a hands-on hobby as well as getting to use the bag for everyday looks too! 

Youtube | @yooneunhye_login

So let’s take a look at how to make your own Chunky Yarn Bag ~

What You’ll Need (makes one small to medium-sized bag): 

  • 0.5 kg skein of 2cm thick chunky yarn 
  • Scissors
  • Paperclip or string

Step 1: Leave a 15cm tail at the start of the yarn and loop it behind the longer end.

Step 2: Push two fingers through the loop and pull the longer yarn through to the otherside, creating a knot. This knot will work as the backbone for this bag.

Step 3: In the same way as the knot was made, push two fingers through the loop and pull the longer end through to the otherside. Repeat until you’re left with 6 knots in a braid. Make sure to give even lengths for all the knots.

Step 4: Consider the 6th knot as the starting point and put a paperclip or a string around it to indicate.

Step 5: Follow along on the same side of the braid, create a ring by putting the longer end through the next and pulling.

Step 6: Repeat creating these rings 4 more times along the same side of the braid. Make sure the rings are the same height.

Step 7: Repeat the same process on the other side of the braid to create a total of 12 rings.

Step 8: Create the second row of rings on the ends of the first row of rings by repeating the same process as step 8 in the same direction around the braid.

Step 9: Repeat step 9 by going around the braid two more times.

Step 10: You’ll be left with a small rug-like shape. Hide the 15cm tail by pulling the fabric layer back and cutting the cotton that’s inside of the yarn. Weave the now-empty tail through the first braid to hide it.

Step 11: Fold in half (with tail on the side) and repeat the ring-making process around the edge two more times to create a basket-like shape.

Step 12: Pull the longer end of the yarn through the last rings and adjust the opening size of the bag. Consider a size big enough to put your hand through and get items out of the bag.

Step 13: Make a braid with the longest yarn from one end of the opening to another to the other using the method in step 4.

Step 14: Secure the loose end of the braided handle to the bag in the same way as you did when securing the tail.

NAVER BLOG | @hohuk212

And your very own chunky yarn bag is done! If you’re having a hard time following the steps with images, here’s a Youtube video with English subtitles to help. Try making them in your favourite colours to match with cute outfits or get creative with eye-catching bold colours. Or simply keep it minimal with a black or white bag if you are indecisive on the colour. After all black and will easily suit a wide range of looks and so effortlessly done too! 

There’s so many versions you could take when making this bag. If you’re looking for something more casual and comfy to wear, why not go for a crossbody version? By adding a long plain handle instead of a short braided one, you’ll end up with a cute crossbody bag that suits all your favourite sweatshirts. If you would like a small mini bag, just use a thinner choice of yarn. It’ll add extra cuteness and charm! Even just adding a keyring, a fluffy charm or pins will make your cute bag extra magical with its own accessory ✨ So get creative and have fun crafting 🧶

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