K-Drama: 19 Chances to Live and Love

by Michelle Li

See You in My 19th Life | 이번 생도 잘 부탁해

TVN | See You in My 19th Life 

The k-drama starts off by introducing us to Ban Ji-Eum (Shin Hye-Sun) as she narrates through her last life, her 18th one and her most special life. In her 18th life she lived as Yoon Ju-Won (Kim Si-A) and like all her past lives, she started to remember every detail about her past life. All her memories, whether it’s good or bad, come back like a wave as soon as she turns twelve. Upon all her past lives’ passing she wishes she never reincarnates again no matter how good her life was. Mainly because of the indescribable feeling of being forgotten, feeling unloved and unwanted by her past lives’ family when she visits them again as her reincarnated self. Ji-Eum tells us she never wants to ever experience this again. But her 18th one is different. 

TVN | See You in My 19th Life 

When Ju-Won turns twelve, like always, she becomes depressed and unlike herself as she remembers her past life. But she forgets all the uncertainties when she meets Mun Seo-Ha (Jeong Hyeon-Jun). She feels like she’s actually her age and not a person that has been alive for centuries. They form a bond and soon become each other’s first love 🥰 On Seo-Ha’s birthday, Ju-Won fulfils his wish to go to an amusement park. Unfortunately, on the way, they get into a car accident and Ju-Won passes away. But unlike her past lives, Ju-Won’s wishes to reincarnate for the first time in desperation to meet Seo-Ha in her next life. With Seo-Ha being the sole witness, this death leaves him with a huge amount of trauma and guilt that carries him through adult life. 

TVN | See You in My 19th Life 

After twenty years, Ju-Won has reincarnated into Ji-Eum. She’s smart, quick-witted and some say she’s a bit quirky. I say it’s because she’s lived 18 very different lives and so has a lot of personality to her 😂 She finds a way to get a job where Seo-Ha, now an adult (played by Ahn Bo-hyun), has started working and soon they bump into each other. What’s interesting to me is that See You in My 19th Life plays on the fact that even if the reincarnated person doesn’t look anything like who you knew, there’s a feeling, sensation or energy that you in fact know them. It’s actually mentioned in the beginning of the k-drama by Ju-Won’s sister, Yoon Cho-won (Ha Yoon-kyeong), when she meets Ji-Eum saying “I’ve just met you but somehow I feel like I’ve known you for years.” This presence is felt even more with Seo-Ha where some things Ji-Eum says or her expressions immediately remind him of Ju-Won, with flashback scenes showing this. 

TVN | See You in My 19th Life 

This k-drama leaves you wanting to watch more as each episode continues. I’m curious to see how Ju-Won’s close friends and family would react when they find out that Ji-Eum is in fact living as the reincarnation of Ju-Won. Plus the second leads, Yoon Cho-won and Seo-ha are a romance subplot well worth watching 😍 With only twelve episodes and ending very soon, this k-drama is one that I’ll be tuning in for the finale as soon as it’s released on Netflix! Take a sneak peek with the trailer here or binge-watch all the episodes on Netflix

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