Things in Korea That Just Make Sense

by Larissa Tsui

Futuristics Bus Stops

Step into the future with Korea’s bus stops 🚌 The commuting experience is made better at bus stops. Hate standing in the cold when waiting for your bus? Korean bus stops got you covered. Benches are heated and maintained at 40°C to get you through the winter bus waiting 🥶Some bus stops even have wireless charging for your phone while your waiting. ‘Smart Shelter’ bus shelters are even COVID-19 battling, with temperature-checking doors and ultraviolet disinfection lamps. 

‘Women-Only’ Parking Spaces

Marked by pink lines and a pink woman icon, parking spaces prioritised for women can be found in some car parks in Korea 🚺 As a public safety measure, these pink parking spaces are often in well-lit areas and nearer to the entrance for the safety of women. Not only does it make women travelling to and from their cars feel safer, but it also makes grocery trips easier too!

Upgraded Pedestrian Crossings

Ever get sick of the blazing heat when waiting for the pedestrian lights to change? 🥵 In Korea, large parasols can be seen installed on sidewalks to offer shade from the scorching sun And while waiting for the lights to change, we can’t deny that we don’t get the urge to look at our phones. To reduce accidents near pedestrian crossings, Korea added pedestrian lights on the ground to allow safe crossing for smartphone-obsessed zombies - ‘smombies’ 🚦

Flower Vending Machines

You’ve seen snack and drink vending machines, but have you ever seen flower vending machines? I sure haven’t! Convenience is huge in Korea, and they are great at creatively making lives more convenient. You can get fresh or dried bouquets at any time you need with these creative vending machines 💐 It sure can be a lifesaver for those who need a last-minute bouquet for their forgotten anniversary or those who finish work after florists’ opening hours.

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