Thousands of Personality Tests But 136 is Most Accurate?

by Michelle Li

From blood tests to MBTIs’, Koreans way of getting to know someone is more interesting than any other questions in my opinion. It’s also a great conversation starter! When Koreans meet someone new, instead of ‘what’s your blood type?,’ they now ask ‘what’s your MBTI?’. Some workplaces in Korea even ask for your MBTI as part of the job application process. This is the company’s way of getting to know someone, seeing if they can excel in the position and getting along with their potential colleagues before they even get the job.

Apart from the globally known, 16 Personalities MBTI test, there are a TON of others that Koreans have come up with. Whether that’s your overall MBTI, or going more depth into each trait - Extroverted or Introverted, Sensing or Intuition, Thinking or Feeling and Judging or Perceiving. Recently, HIKOCO staff took test 136, the ‘Profile Personality Test’ from Test-It Korea and boy, were we shocked at how accurate the results were! There were only 10 questions, each relating to a day out at an amusement park with friends. By just answering these questions, how does it describe your personality to a tea? I’m still not quite sure what the answer to that question is. But it was interesting reading about the results each of us got. It was kind of an eye-opening experience too. I got the same result as a colleague which left us both very surprised (we both got 'Wood') 😆 Let’s just say our interests and hobbies are different, but personalities could be described as similar!

The test is all in Korean so what I did was put the link through Google Translate here. If you can’t read Korean, make sure to do the test through the link above. There are 16 different results, as they’re based on the 16 MBTIs. I’ve done my best to translate all the various MBTI results so see if these accurately describe you. Or get your friends to see because for me, I was like “this is NOT me at all” until my colleagues said otherwise, in fact, they all said “this describes you perfectly!” 😂 We also got a couple of new staff members so this was a nice way to quickly get to know more about them and their personalities too. 

Here is the detailed description of the MBTIs, yes all 16 of them, translated in English for you (you're welcome heh 💕):

 Kind (ENFJ)  Moon (INFJ)  Only (ENFP)  Wave (INFP)
 Snow (ESFJ)  Soft (ISFJ)  Like (ESFP)  Save (ISFP)
 Stay (ESTJ)  Wood (ISTJ)  Easy (ESTP)  Cool (ISTP)
 Made (ENTP)  Fact (INTP)  Mine (ENTJ)  Deep (INTJ)

How accurate was this MBTI test for you? I think the detailed answer with the combination of fun aesthetic colours makes these tests more interesting to take. It wasn’t long after, I was going down a rabbit hole of all the other Test-It tests. From romantic relationship types, American TV show Friends characters you are, all the way to what colour you are, there are countless quizzes to do. There are so many intriguing ones that you have to be careful not to spend a good hour or two on them 'cause it sure is easy heh!

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