A New Korean In-Thing, Incense Sticks Rec for Beginners

by Isabel Bang

1. HEM White Musk

Heaven Sense

The Indian incense sticks and their holders are the newly rising scented ornaments for Korean houses, after the huge wave of scented candles and candle warmers. HEM is the most famous Indian incense stick brand that you may have come across in two-dollar shops. The White Musk scent is one of the easiest starters if you want to try the new trend. It’s very similar to The Body Shop White Musk range. It’s a mix of soap and rich musk fragrance, giving you a cosy and calm sensation. Have your aromatherapy happening right in your room with this one. 

2. SATYA Nag Champa

Mandoo Store

This is the exact aroma that you could think of when we say “Indian incense.” You can instantly smell the temple deep inside a forest, and get yourself ready for a good meditation. The scent is not as strong as other traditional Indian incense, so a lot of Koreans start using the Nag Champa from SATYA before they move onto the more intense ones. This was the initial start of the incense trend in Korea, as Lee Hyo-Ri recommended it in a TV show as the scent that she loves when doing yoga or meditation. BTS’s RM and even Steve Jobs picked this as their favourite fragrance!

3. HOSTING HOUSE Hallucination

Hosting House

Hosting House is a Korean homeware brand that made its name through this particular incense. Based on the top note of sandalwood, the mix of 10 ingredients in Hallucination builds a beautifully odd scent. The brand claims that it’s a “bitter wood scent that arises in a foggy forest at the break of dawn.” The aroma definitely calms you down leaving you in peace of mind. On a late rainy night, light up Hallucination, turn off the bedroom lights, turn on your nightstand, and snuggle in bed for a short read of your favourite novel. You’ll be able to leave all your worries behind 🌙

4. HEM Rain Forest

Naver Blog | asdfgminky

Seems like all these incense stick fragrances trending in Korea are all based on woody forest scents, but that’s where people find most peace! HEM’s Rain Forest almost literally puts you in the middle of a wet forest, damp from all the rain that had just gone past. The scent of the drenched wood and soil gives a refreshing aura in the room, with a subtly sweet finish as the base note. Apparently this Rain Forest scent it’s great for those with rhinitis, so give it a try when you get a stuffy or blocked nose. Before we finish off, make sure you open your windows when you’re using incense sticks for ventilation! 

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