#aucklandeats: A Cafe by Day, Restaurant by Night

by Rebecca Kim

Yoon’s Kitchen

7/35 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland

Healthy, flavourful and SO diverse - Korean food will forever be soul food 💕 That’s why when I hear that there’s a new place that I haven’t tried yet, you’ll find me rushing over and dining there at the nearest opportunity! The North Shore has some of the best hidden gems for Asian food, so of course, it’s no surprise that there’s yet another place that we’ve discovered 🥰️ 

Google Reviews (@J H) | Yoon’s Kitchen

Tucked away in a corner on Apollo Drive, is Yoon’s Kitchen! Not to be confused with the reality TV show “Youn’s Kitchen/Youn’s Stay” (see TMI Vol. 37), Yoon’s Kitchen is a Korean fusion cafe and restaurant. This means that, theoretically, you could go for brunch and coffee in the daytime until 2:30PM and come back again for dinner from 5:30PM when they reopen.

Yoon’s Kitchen is a family-run business that aims to “introduce Korean food to local people”. They put effort into their menu to create food that suits many different tastes, while still keeping the integrity of the original dish. It’s got a cosy, clean and relaxing atmosphere that makes it a great option to visit with your friends or family for a nice meal.

Being the noodle-fanatic that I am, my dish of choice had to be the Spicy Chicken Stir Fried Udon ($17). This dish is made with their Special Spicy Sauce and topped with Korean Mayo, giving it an extra creaminess that’s not unlike pasta. On top of being a noodle-fanatic, I’m actually also a full-time no.1 fan of pasta, so this was right up my alley 😋 There was also plenty of fresh vegetables and chicken in there, so you’re also getting your nutrition fix! 

Aside from their regular mains, Yoon’s Kitchen also offers shared dishes and smaller side dishes, so it’s really great to come in a group and try lots of different things at once. I came with my family, and some other dishes that we got were the Korean Fried Chicken Main ($30), Spicy Shrimp & Tofu Soup ($18) and the Fresh Salmon Cold Noodle ($20). None of them disappointed in either taste and presentation - the Korean Fried Chicken was crispy and savoury-sweet, the Spicy Shrimp & Tofu Soup was flavourful and served as “bansang” style (a set menu served with various side dishes) and the Fresh Salmon Cold Noodle was indeed fresh! Cold noodles are usually enjoyed most in the summertime, but if you have it along with spoonfuls of soup (like the Spicy Tofu Soup) in the wintertime, the contrast of hot and cold is an EXPERIENCE ✨ Cold noodles dishes are usually made up of around 40-60% vegetables as well, so they are amongst the healthiest options 🥕🥒

Yoon's Kitchen

My one big regret is not getting what seems to be one of their most popular dishes, the Kumara Cheese Pork Katsu ($22) ☹️ Judging from the reviews, it seems to be an absolute favourite and I’ve been catching myself wondering what that Kumara Mousse would taste like throughout the entire time that I’ve been writing this article 😂 Looks like my order’s already set for when I go to Yoon’s Kitchen next! 👍


Mon - Sat
11AM - 2:30PM
5PM - 8PM


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