2023 F/W K-Fashion Hot List to Elevate

by Larissa Tsui

The days have definitely been getting colder and it's time for the big jackets to be pulled out from the corner of our closets again. We don't have to sacrifice style for warmth though! If you want to stay warm while still looking stylish, or if you are sick of wearing the same outfits from last winter, then keep reading! I’m going to share with you some of the 2023 fall/winter trending K-fashion items to keep you fashionably up-to-date and how to style these items! 

Leg Warmers


Feel like your dress is missing something and looks a bit boring? Or do you want to wear a skirt but the weather is feeling a bit too cold? Throw on a pair of leg warmers and your outfit will instantly be amplified! Originally worn by dancers to protect their legs, they have evolved and proved their worth as a fashion piece! 💖 Typically, leg warmers are knitted, but with this year’s comeback, there are denim and puffer fabrics for a more hipster look. Match a pair of leg warmers with a miniskirt and you will look like you jumped out of a Y2K teen movie. Or match the colour of your leg warmers to your bag to create a statement look. I’ve seen them styled with heels and it looks super cute and fresh or you can pair them with loafers for a preppy vibe. Incorporate leg warmers to add texture, colour, and a retro touch to your outfit, sure to make your #OOTD stand out!

Chunky Scarves


Scarves are the perfect winter accessory to give us the warmth we need. This season though, it’s all about chunky, oversized scarves 🧣 You can throw on a chunky scarf with fun colours or a nice pattern and elevate your outfit from loungewear to chic. And what else is great about scarves is they can go with literally anything! Depending on your outfit, you can achieve an effortless but chic look to a charismatic, chic business look. And it’s super easy to style. Simply dress as you usually do, and drape on an oversized scarf around your neck and your outfit is complete. An oversized statement scarf will not only keep you cosy and warm but also spice up your outfit 🥰

Slim-fit Turtleneck Tops


Turtlenecks are a classic go-to winter piece for their functionality and versatility. The type of turtlenecks you need to reach out for this season though are slim-fit turtlenecks. Slim-fit turtlenecks are excellent layering pieces. One of our main concerns in winter is that our outfits become boring with the cold weather because of the big jacket that conceals our outfits, right? With a slim-fit turtleneck, you can elevate your outfit so much more with layering options! Pair it under a coat, blazer, sweater, knit, or sweater vest to get that extra detail peeping out from the chunky winter pieces ✨ Or, you can just wear it by itself to show off your silhouette while still staying cozy and warm. Another tip for wearing a slim-fit turtleneck is layering a necklace on top to dramatically elevate your look. With this essential winter piece, opt to dress it down with a pair of jeans, or dress it up with trousers or a skirt, its potentials are endless and suitable for any occasion.

Quilted Puffer Bags


Quilted puffer bags are THE viral accessory of this chilly season. Also known as cloud bag in Korea, since they look and feel like a cloud ☁️ Quilted puffer bags give a fresh and textural boost to your outfits. Not only are they stylish, but they are super lightweight, and you can actually fit everything you need in it. So that’s an A+ for practicality 💯 Coming in so many different sizes, choose a small-sized bag to add the cutest touch of softness and texture. Or a bigger size that fits everything you need in it for work or school. A neutral colour will go with all your outfits and make a great daily bag. Or, for a bit more fun, get yourself a bold colour puffer bag for a pop of colour and a statement piece to your outfit. We have a handful of staff at HIKOCO HQ that owns one of these puffy goodness 😍


And here are all the hottest K-trends of this winter! We can see the Y2K trend is still running hot with the leg warmers making a comeback and they are just the thing to make us feel like a high teen movie main character 🥰Although scarves and turtlenecks are staples of winter, chunky scarves and slim-neck turtlenecks are the ones you want to reach for to elevate your fits in an instant this season. Then, you can complete your look with the viral quilted puffer bag that everyone tried to get their hands on after it became viral and became sold out worldwide! Which one of these cozy but stylish trends is your favourite? 

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