Your Guide to Inner Beauty Supplements

by Michelle Li

When inner beauty care becomes the topic of conversation, our Beauties have A LOT of questions. If there’s one reason why HI-TIPS started, it was to answer all the burning questions you have as we share a ton of skincare tips (obviously). So let’s talk about the subject of inner beauty care! With more and more options, it can be overwhelming as to what each of the products are for. So here’s the guide to our most popular products:

Green Monster Inner Beauty Inner Collagen

We’ve talked about everything you need to know about collagen in this HI-TIPs here. Basically, it’s a large molecule that your body naturally produces. So why does skincare and inner beauty care have collagen in it? As your skin and body ages, collagen production decreases. We have to replenish this loss as collagen is vital for healthy joints, muscles and skin. The Green Monster collagen supplement comes in a powder form making it very easy to have 1-2 times a day. It’s made out of 1000mg fish collagen (but don’t worry this is hidden by a yummy peach flavour 🍑). It also contains vitamin C! Not only is this vital for your body’s production of collagen but it’s been proven that vitamin C helps collagen absorption better and faster into the body. You’ve got collagen and your daily intake of vitamins all in one so you’ll never forget one or the other!

Teazen Kombucha Drink Mix


I personally love the Teazen Kombucha range as it motivates me to drink more water. It's easy because it tastes so delicious! Plus Kombucha is full of fermented probiotics and prebiotics that are amazing for your skin and to keep your gut strong. When you’ve incorporated such nutrients into your diet, there are a number of benefits. It helps your body digest food, increase production of vitamins, and keep bad bacteria out. Studies have also shown that probiotics and prebiotics decrease symptoms of lactose intolerance too. Teazen has quite a few different fruity flavours and when all you need to do is mix it with water, it’s so easy to keep your skin and body hydrated.

Green Monster Garcinia 900

We love that our Beauties are making self-care top priority and taking time out of the day for it. Whether that’s through skincare, exercise, nutritious food it’s all something worth starting! If you would like something to aid with your weight loss journey, the Garcinia 900 supplements are exactly what they do. It contains L-Carnitine which boosts your metabolism to give you the most energy out of food, meaning it is less likely to be stored as body fat. Even more nutrients are added to these supplements like antioxidant-rich green tea extract and probiotics for a healthy gut! Just make sure you drink a lot of water and keep yourself very hydrated as these supplements contain lactic acid. 

Hopefully, this simplifies inner beauty care down for you. I know I’m not the only one that falls off track of their resolutions as we move further along the year. Thankfully, these supplements are a way to help us along the way. Just a FYI, we suggest consulting a professional first if you are pregnant or nursing before taking any inner beauty care supplements. Safety first! 

Good luck, Beauties 💕 Thanks for reading!

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