#YAYNAY Tester Team: Klairs Daily Skin Softening Water šŸ’¦

Ashley // Dry Sensitive (Eczema) Skin // Late teens

First Impressions

Heavy, big packaging makes it difficult to pick up the bottle, inĀ comparison to picking up a smaller bottle more easily.Ā This product would be beneficial for first-time/basic skincare users, orĀ individuals who are aiming to build up a skincare routine, however,Ā users could be overwhelmed due to packaging size.

Reasonably priced for $41NZD for a 500ml bottle.Ā The product recommends using with a cotton puff, which is a greatĀ marketing promotion for the ā€˜Dear Klairs 2 in 1 Cotton Padā€™. TheĀ 12-month shelf life may make it difficult to finish product within theĀ period.

First-Use Impressions

Personally, I did not believe my skin would not feel any effect orĀ change (currently using the Acwell 'Liquorice pH Balancing CleansingĀ Tonerā€™). It doesn't haveĀ fragranceĀ & has a watery consistency, so when used with Pyungkang Yul '1/3 Cotton Padsā€™ and skin felt very hydrated andĀ soothed, even after 10-15 minutes.Ā Eczema was not triggered at all, and it felt more like hydrating water than a toner.

Mid-test Update

Quickly changed from using this product with cotton pads to just usingĀ with hands twice a day - just using hydrating water by itself, not withĀ another toner.Ā Not much change to external skin, but internal hydration is much better.Ā However, would still choose to use other toners over this one with moreĀ benefits and effects (due to being an experienced skincare user)

Travel Friendly?

Because the product has so much product, the bottle is quite big andĀ would be inconvenient for travel purposes.Ā The weight of the bottle is quite noticeable as well; consumers couldĀ transfer the product to a smaller bottle, but it seems quite troubling toĀ do so. However, the amount this product offers may be beneficial forĀ those going for long-term holidays (e.g. 1+ months).

Align with Promotion Goals of Product?

Yes, this product is suitable for all skin types and achieves its goals ofĀ hydration and soothing with a mild formula.Ā Highly suitable for individuals with dry, sensitive, and eczema skinĀ types.


Overall, the combination of the price, size and effectiveness of thisĀ product doesĀ NOT encourage me to want to re-purchase this product.Ā From previous experience, I would prefer to purchase toners such asĀ Acwellā€™s 'Liquorice Tonerā€™ or Dear KlairsĀ ā€˜Unscented SuppleĀ Preparation Tonerā€™ which have more beneficial effects and outcomesĀ for my skin type.

If I were to purchase/recommend a toner suited for first-time or basicĀ skincare users, I would want to purchase Etude Houseā€™s Soon JungĀ Toner due to the slim, easy-to-use bottle along with the cheaper price.

HIKOCO should NOT stock this product as I believe many of theirĀ customers would not want to purchase it.Ā Even with Klairs reputable brand, this toner is mainly targeted towardsĀ basic skincare users or first-time skincare users. Because of this, usersĀ may be overwhelmed by the size of the product, as well as the price ofĀ the product and may lean towards buying a toner in a smaller bottleĀ with a cheaper price.

Overall, this product could potentially cater to a small group of frequentĀ customers with HIKOCO but could strongly be overlooked by mostĀ customers purchasing toners.

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