What are Toners & Why do we need them

by Kate Oh

Hello Beauties! Today is all about TONERS!💦

We have been getting a lot of questions like, “I don’t really use a toner, do I need it?” or “ I have normal skin. Do I need toners?” My answer to that is, YES! Of course! It is the most crucial step of K-beauty skin care routine for all skin types.

After cleansing, toners are the next step and help to remove any lingering traces of cleaner, makeup and other dirt. you’ll actually be very surprised on how much grime accumulates on your face by the end of the day! They also help by making our skin look clear and healthy, helping our skin to restore cleansing moisture lost and prime your skin to more effectively absorb any serum or moisturisers you apply afterwards.

"So what type of toner should I use?"

Here’s a simple guide from us to help you navigate the world of skin toners and find out which ingredient is suitable for your skin type!


Toners for Oily Skin

People classified as ‘OILY skin’ types usually experience excess sebum production, which also leads to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes.

Best ingredients to look for are - tea tree oil to fight sebum and bacteria or aloe vera to calm inflammation and redness.


Toners for Dry Skin

Moving on to ‘DRY skin’. Does your skin feel extremely tight straight after you’ve cleaned your face? In comparison to OILY skin who suffer from excess sebum, DRY skin suffer from lack of moisture which can also result in blemishes and other irritations.

Best ingredients to look for are - Rose water, Hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E for hydration


Toners for Sensitive Skin

Those out there who have ‘SENSITIVE skin’, we all know you should AVOID using anything with paraben, alcohol, mineral oils, fragrances or other potentially irritating ingredients.  

Best ingredients to look for are - lactic acid or glycolic acid * but at lower concentrations to help with the cellular turnover process. Also water-based toners enriched with botanical extracts like Calendula or chamomile helps with soothing, calming and spa-like sensation!


Toners for Combination Skin

‘COMBINATION Skin’ can be the most complicated skin to deal with as people suffer from occasional oiliness or dryness on their T-zone or U-zone. These variations can also occur at different times in the year, depending on weather and climate conditions.

Best to look for low pH levels and ingredients such as - AHA & BHA, Hyaluronic acid and Green tea extract


Toners for Normal Skin

Last but not least! ‘NORMAL Skin’. Name yourself lucky if you generally don’t suffer from any skin concerns and are not sensitive / allergic to most products and cosmetics. And yes, you do still need to use a toner too!

Best ingredients to look for - The simpler the better! Anything with Hyaluronic acid, Witch hazel with a pinch of Betaine salicylate for pore cleansing, as well as helping to restore moisture and sweeping out excess oils!


That was some of my tips regarding the everlasting questions of Toners! I hope this blog will answer some of your queries you've been having with Korean skin care. Let's all start with toners and begin heading towards the good skin days ahead 💕

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