HI-REVIEW: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

by Hara Kang

Hi Beauties~

It is almost end of winter and waiting for spring to come.

Winter makes our skin to be dehydrated and skin cells are damaged by strong wind. Today I am going to introduce a secret tip to get flawless moist skin by using one product at night. Stay tune! 

When you are short on sleep, you can easily get dark circles and dullness on your skin. Then whomever you met, they might say "you look tired today". 

Why is that? 

If you not sleep well or not enough, a stress movement called cortisol is going to spike up and it causes inflammatory skin condition like acne or dullness, also it breaks own collagen and hyaluronic acid in our skin. Moreover sleep hormone called Melatonin doesn't function optimally and this is the whole inventing tarts of recovery and rejuvenating your skin. 

So you are basically giving up a plump and radiant skin, aging!!

*To click here to read a K-beauty tip of beauty sleep 

Then what should we do if we can’t change our lifestyle?

If you cannot change your life style but desire to get beautiful skin, why don't you try SLEEPING MASK before your go to bed??! To summurize what this product does is; it gives you instant radiance and suppleness that really beautiful well-rested look it just makes you look sleeping enough.



Quantity: 70ml

Price(NZD): $44 -> $38 (Ends 3 Sep 2017)

Product description:
Overnight mask that gives the skin a lively, well-rested appearance the next morning thanks to its Sleep-tox™ purifying effect.


Glass bottled of sleeping mask is nicely packed in. Once you open a box you can see a scooper (spatula) that you can find out from most of Korean skin care products. 



Gel type of cream that cools your skin temperature down. Texture is not even sticky and easy to spread on my skin. It contains fragrance which I cannot explain in words. It has bit of alcohol and colouring, so please beware of it if you have allergic to these ingredients.  


Laneige water sleeping mask is a really popular among a lot of people across the world. Especially to those guys who have oily to acne prone skin and oily combination skin.

We do get a trance epidermal water loss happens during our sleep that is why a lot of you would wake up with dry or dehydrated thirsty parched skin or kind of fell tight in the morning that is something that we want to prevent! 

Your natural moisturising factor is already compromised it transit the thermal water loss happens significantly that’s why you need something to wrap it up however you don't want to look for something that’s too occlusive. It is more about formulating technology than the ingredients that they use in.

The difference to other sleeping mask is they have developed a technology called the moisture wrap I often think that a lot of other sleeping mask out there can be a little bit too equipment for oily to acne prone people who tends to break out a lot with occlusive products. With Laneige Water Sleeping Mask I never experienced that kind of heavy feeling even though I wear it really thick. I would just still wake up with a beautiful glow in the morning. It is supple and hydrated skin and their moisture wrapping technology creates your skin to be breathable. So your skin is never clogged.

There is another key technology called sleep tox which is supposed to purify your skin and revitalise your skin. There are two key ingredients which are evening primrose root extract and apricot extract. An interesting fact is apricot extract works from the very moment that you apply and after 4 hours, it switch turns and then that is when the evening primrose root extract comes to the place and it will be in charge of revitalising the skin. Laneige really though about the sustainability of the skin purification.

The first day of using this sleeping mask was awesome to me. It cools my heated skin down which will be perfect uses for people who live in hot and humid climate. *Heated skin is another factor that can exacerbate the acne and causes ageing. And the next day morning, it re-surface my skin overnight that makes my skin smooth and dewy. So I feel the difference when I apply make up in the morning. Couple of days of using it, I found out it also reduced redness on my cheek. 

Adding sleeping mask to daily skin care routine can change a lot on my skin condition as well as my body condition. If you cannot have a good sleep you can get a help from water sleeping mask.


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