HI-REVIEW: Mediheal Capsule100 Seconderm Masks

by Cindy Lu

Hey Beauties!

Today, we’ll be talking about some Mediheal masks, specifically, the Capsule100 Seconderm range. Mediheal is one of those brands that has one of the most extensive ranges with an affordable price tag. Everyone can find a suitable Mediheal mask, it's just a matter of which one!


  • $30 [5 masks]
  • $8 [1 mask]


  • Biocellulose Mask → 23mL
  • Capsules 100 Pure Ampoules → 4ml


The actual biocellulose mask is trapped between two layers of the 2mm mesh fabric. It’s important that you peel both of these fabrics off before you apply onto your skin - otherwise it’ll be quite tricky to apply.

After leaving the mask on for 20-30 minutes, apply the Step 2 Ampoule on your skin.

There are three different types of masks in the Capsule100 Seconderm range:

❤️ The Light Gamma mask claims to give the skin a boost, creating a more vitalized and radiant appearance.

💙 The Hydro Beta mask that deeply hydrates the skin whilst also improving texture of pores and strengthening the skin barrier.

💚 The Clear Alpha mask on the other hand is used to help soothe while clearing the skin of blemishes gently.

The formula of these masks are quite similar, with a relatively lightweight texture. The ampoules of each mask are slightly thicker, with a more oily formulation. However, I will say that the Light Gamma mask is noticeably more oily compared to the other two masks, but this also provides glowiness to the skin! 

The Clear Alpha mask had the most pleasant texture, not being too oily while also making my skin feel plump from the hydration. I felt like I could use the mask in the daytime without feeling overly oily!

Not only is the application of this mask unique, but the material is completely different to other masks that I’ve tried. The mask is made out of natural biocellulose material with fermented dense coconut water - the whole purpose is to imitate real skin, making it unlikely to irritate!

Key Ingredients:

❤️ Light Gamma

  • Niacinamide fights acne while also smoothing the skin texture
  • Arbutin helps to brighten dark areas of the skin
  • Glutathione is an antioxidant that fights sun damage and restores balance

💙 Hydro Beta

  • Betaine & Sodium Hyaluronate provide deep hydration
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen encourages anti-aging processes
  • Ceramides form the skin barrier and retain moisture
  • Jojoba Oil balances oil and sebum production in skin

💚 Clear Alpha

  • BHA & Willow Bark Extract are acne fighting ingredients that also reduce the appearance of blackheads and other blemishes
  • Centella & Tea Tree Extract natural and less harsh anti-acne ingredients which are also renowned for soothing the skin
  • Allantoin & Green Tea Extract provides soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

There is 4mL of this ampoule, which doesn’t sound like a lot - it is definitely PLENTY enough for your face. I would recommend massaging the ampoule into the skin and down the neck as it is almost halfway between an oil and water-based texture.

Each different mask has its own key ingredient in the ampoule. In Light Gamma, the main ingredient is Glutathione for brightening. Hydro Beta contains Ceramides which improve the moisture retention of the skin. Finally, Clear Alpha has Hyaluronic Acid - providing additional moisture and hydration!


Personal Thoughts

Like other brands of masks, there were A LOT of ingredients in all 3 masks. However these flower extracts and oils aren’t much different from ones found in others. For the Beauties with sensitive skin: this product does contain potential irritants - but if you’ve used other sheet masks with no issues, this one shouldn’t cause you problems either!

I personally enjoyed the unique texture of these masks as it wasn’t super flimsy like some other masks. In saying that, a downside I found about this mask was that it didn’t fit my face very well… You can tell by the way it sits near my eyes.

Tip: Make sure you don’t leave it on for longer than 40min! The natural material of the mask will rip easily and stick on the skin when it becomes dry

The Light Gamma mask gave my skin a nice glowiness to it, especially under makeup. I did notice it was a tad bit oily for my liking, however, didn’t break me out! The best time to apply the Light Gamma mask would be before you sleep - leaving your skin rejuvenated after you wake up without the oiliness! In comparison, I felt like the Hydro Beta and Clear Alpha were fine to apply anytime of the day :) I personally really enjoyed the Clear Alpha mask as it was able to soothe my irritated and acne-ridden skin. It also felt nice after application, more cooling and less oily compared to the other masks!

If you have more dull skin, the Light Gamma mask is able to provide glowiness and brightening. For more sensitive or acne-prone skin types, the Clear Alpha mask is able to gently moisturize and clarify the skin. The Hydro Beta mask is the most universal mask out of the range, providing deep hydration to all skin types :) Overall, this range is able to cater to most skin types as long as you know what you’re looking to target in your skin!

Thanks for reading Beauties!

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