HI-REVIEW: Innisfree Anti-pollution Sunscreen ☀️ 😎

by Yery Choi

Hi beauties!

I know there are some beauties out there who don’t wear sunscreen because of how it sits on your skin. Well, sunscreens that leave your skin feeling greasy is SO yesterday 

Price: $23

Quantity: 50ml

Product Description: 

This waterproof 3-in-1 sunscreen protects skin from the strong UV rays indoors, outdoors, and even in water.

How to use:

Use daily in the last step of your skincare routine. 

This Innisfree Anti-pollution Sunscreen contains Niacinamide, Vitamin E and Centella, which are good for brightening, anti-aging and soothing. Not only does this product protect your skin from the sun and pollution but also helps your skin with a little extra ;) This is already a step up from the sunscreens we all knew about..

This sunscreen is BOTH a physical and chemical sunscreen. It contains Zinc Oxide, Titanium dioxide (ingredients for a physical sunscreen) and Tinosob S, Uvinul A Plus and Uvinul T 150 (ingredients for a chemical sunscreen). 


What is the difference between a chemical and a physical sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreens absorb the suns rays and turns it into heat to then be released. They are usually easy to apply leaving no residue (perfect for those who HATE a white cast) however, due to super water resistance it is important to remove properly!

Physical sunscreens acts as more of shield on top of your skin to deflect the suns rays. Although it may leave a white cast, physical sunscreens are perfect for babies or anyone with sensitive skin

Personal thoughts:

Personally, I thought this Innisfree Anti-pollution Sunscreen had a REALLY nice but not a strong scent. I would describe it to be quite similar to the CK one perfume which I LOVE ❤️

As this product contains both ingredients for a physical and chemical sunscreen, its a bit of both worlds. This product is perfect for those who don’t like sunscreen because of its greasy feeling. The lightweight and smooth finish is perfect for any skin type and is great for daily use. It also creates a barrier to protect your skin from pollution so its great for countries like Korea where the fine dust (미세먼지) level is high. Due to this product being water-resistant, its great for those days at the beach especially, for the upcoming summer 🏖


Sunscreen = Skincare

Sunscreen is to PREVENT your skin from burning, ageing and potentially skin cancer. It is important to ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN, even during winter, rainy days or just staying inside. UVA rays cause wrinkles and can penetrate through cloud or glass so it is extremely important to wear sunscreen all year round!

As much importance it is to apply sunscreen, it is also equally important to remove properly. Although sunscreen is skincare, it is definitely not for night care! Make sure to use a good cleanser to remove all residue before your beauty sleep!

The super lightweight formula leaving no white cast, is super waterproof and great for sensitive skin types due to the mild ingredients it contains. I strongly recommend for any beauties especially those who don’t like using greasy sunscreen that leaves a white cast. 

Stay sun safe Beauties! ☀️ 😎 

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