HI-REVIEW: Dr Jart+ Dermask Shaking Rubber Masks [4 Types]

by Josie Williams

Sheet masks or special treatment masks are a great occasional add-on to your skincare routine if you want to spoil your skin! There's so many different types and formulas out there, one for every skin concern. In my opinion, one of the most unique and absolute fun are the Dr. Jart+ Shaking Rubber Masks. Here’s my experience trying out all four!

Price: $12 each

Quantity: 50g

Key ingredients:

#Hydro Shot: Baobab Leaf Extract is naturally high in antioxidants + fatty acids. Both this and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract have the ability to regenerate and protect the skin by retaining moisture + water, healing wounds, increasing collagen + elastin production, and improving hydration levels.

#Luminous Shot: Niacinamide, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract + Grapefruit Extract all tone, balance and brighten the skin with their nourishing, revitalising and restorative qualities.

#Soothing Shot: Aloe Leaf Extract, Guava Leaf Extract and Guaiazulene treat inflammation, acne, scars, spots, reduce redness and even skin tone. 

#Elastic Shot: Adenosine and Ceramide NP have anti-wrinkle benefits + reinforce the natural lipid barrier of dry and aging skin. Perfluorodecalin - delivers more oxygen to the skin which aids in skin healing. Witch Hazel helps tightens pores.

How to use: Each mask comes with a ‘rubber booster’ and a liquid ampoule. You pour both into the container, place the lid, then cover the hole with your finger. Next, shake it up and down like a madman! Only stop when you can't hear any more liquid sloshing around - that means it’s all combined evenly and ready to use. Use the provided spatula to apply an even layer over your cleansed and toned face. Within a few minutes, the rubber will turn into more of a solid. Wait about 15-20 minutes and peel off! If it all comes off in one piece, enjoy seeing your sculpted-creepy-mask-face staring back at you 😆 Lastly, frame your artwork! (just kidding, please dispose of it as it will probably go off)


Personal thoughts 

I honestly love these - I have used a couple in the past so I know they work well. There are key similarities that all of them have - they provide a very refreshing, cooling feeling during application. Post-removal, they all made my face feel similar - cooler in temperature, noticeably glowy, and plump with hydration.

I definitely notice a difference compared to regular face masks because the rubber mask encloses the skin, locking in the active ingredients so they can really penetrate the face. Peeling off the solidified mask also removed any dirt or dead skin cells on top, hence my skin was no longer dull but instead I had glowy, baby-soft skin!

My personal favourites are the #soothing and #luminous shots - as my skin concerns as of this moment are redness/irritation and acne scarring. They really did wonders in soothing my inflammation + irritations and evening out my skin tone. The #hydro shot was a great one too - but since I didn’t need hydration I didn't notice the effects as drastically as the others. If you’re someone with dehydrated skin needing a boost, you might notice a much bigger difference than me!

Unfortunately, my skin did not love the #elastic shot. I have a feeling it’s the witch hazel I’m allergic to - I stuck it out for the full 20 minutes, but my skin was red and itchy afterward. I didn't expect much with this one anyway - as someone in their early 20s, I don't have concerns with anti-aging/firming quite yet. Funnily enough, I did see a difference the next morning - my face was less puffy than usual (which I did not experience with the other three) so it did help one way or another! This one would probably be better for more mature skin types that arent too sensitive or dry.

Every time I use these it feels like I'm a little kid again! I personally loved chemistry and science in general so being able to see the chemical change when DIY-ing these masks was so interesting. At the same time, I feel like I'm in a luxurious day spa so the juxtaposition is quite amusing. Anyway, it’s really a fun experience if you're either treating yourself to a self-care evening or with your significant other for a cozy stay-at-home date night! I definitely recommend trying these at least once to aid your skin concerns!

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