HI-REVIEW: COSRX Pure Fit Cica Serum & Powder

by Cindy Lu

Hey Beauties!

The super popular COSRX brand recently released a new line of products, the Purefit Cica range! This will be my first time trying Centella Asiatica (Cica) products so I’m super excited to share how calming and rejuvenating the Purefit Cica Serum and Powder are!

Each product in the Purefit Cica range is infused with Centella Asiatica derivatives, called their very own Cica-7 Complex. In addition to that, there's Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract which claim to soothe irritation to skin, protect sensitive skin and strengthen the skin barrier :) Not only this but Cica is a gentle anti-acne ingredient that acts to prevent yet soothe any breakouts.

Pure Fit Cica Serum | Price: $37 | Quantity: 30mL

This serum is packed full of great ingredients which are formulated all into a lightweight formula that helps to boost recovery in irritated and dehydrated skin. Like all the other products, the Cica-7 complex is the main ingredient however this serum is concentrated with 76% of this soothing complex; the most concentrated in all their products from the line!

However, this doesn’t take away from the other amazing ingredients such as allantoin and panthenol which are great anti-inflammatory and wound healing ingredients. These ingredients are KEY in healing distressed and irritated skin for those with sensitive dry skin types.

This serum is clear in appearance and SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT! It absorbs into your skin within seconds and doesn’t leave a greasy finish on the skin. Perfect for those of us who enjoy layering serums or if you have more oily/combination skin

Purefit Cica Powder | Price: $19 | Quantity: 7g

This type of powdered product is quite unique to the K-beauty skincare scene, but has been recently gaining popularity steadily. The Cica powder is able to be mixed with other serums, toners, and moisturizers to add extra thickness to a product - adding benefits from the Purefit Cica Line to skincare products that may not have these perks such as soothing relief for sensitive skin, strengthening of skin barrier and more~

This powder can also be applied to spot-treat pimples as the Silica within the product helps absorb excess oil on the skin. It also contains dimethicone, which is an ingredient found often in makeup and moisturizers. It’s the ingredient that makes your skin look silky smooth and blurs out pores! Dimethicone has a bad reputation for clogging pores and acne however because there is only a low concentration, it won’t be a concern for most people :)

It is a white powder, however with a slightly green tinge. It is almost unnoticeable until you mix a HUGE amount of powder to a white moisturizer.


Apply with cotton swab onto an inflamed pimple on the skin; this will help directly calm the skin. You can even use a pimple patch on top to help further treat the acne spot!

As mentioned earlier, you can also add this powder to ANY skincare product such as toner, serum, or moisturizer! Simply tap the powder 1-2 times gently onto your hand with the skincare. Be careful not to add TOO much powder to your skincare as it may become quite clunky.

Personal Thoughts

I love the Cica serum! As someone who struggles with hormonal acne and irritated skin (especially during this winter), this lightweight formulation allows me to layer my acne treatments and other serums seamlessly without a thick layer sitting on my skin. I was also able to consistently use this product on my irritated areas without any sting. As I have more dry skin, I love layering this product, but if you have oily and sensitive skin this is perfect as a standalone serum to hydrate and strengthen your skin. Such a versatile product!

I think the Cica Powder is a great alternative for those who prefer a more minimal skincare routine and aren’t wanting to indulge themselves in multiple serums! Since you can literally incorporate this powder in MULTIPLE steps in your routine, you can get a true feel for the effects of Cica without buying any full-sized products :) Personally, the application and mixing of this powder was a bit difficult but overall the product itself helped reduce and calm my red irritated acne. I would strongly suggest using the powder as spot-treatment as an alternative to using strong acne treatments that dry out your skin.

I would highly highly recommend the Purefit Cica range would be a treat for those with sensitive skin, especially if you have acne concerns! I know many of us with acne struggles often use stronger treatments to deal with those pesky pimples - which is why incorporating soothing and gentle products like the Purefit Cica Serum or Cica Powder would even more beneficial to counteract the harsh products.

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