HI-REVIEW: COSRX AC Collection Calming Solution Body Cleanser 

by Charlotte Wright

We are always drawn to spending our money on skincare products for our face and our body gets left out which seems a little silly when it’s 90% of our skin! 

The options for body wash are endless and unless you have a specific issue you need remedying, we tend to gravitate towards what is most available and affordable. This can lead to some real issues for your skin, which can have the knock-on effect of seeking other products such as moisturizers and even cosmetic treatments to try and counteract these.

Price: $31

Quantity: 310ml

Choosing a body wash that is full of more active ingredients will help protect and enrich your skin. COSRX AC Collection Calming Solution Body Cleanser is Vegan, Low PH and contains amazing natural active ingredients to refresh and calm your skin. 

COSRX AC Collection Calming Solution Body Cleanser contains 5,000ppm of Salicylic Acid which is known as the best friend to acne sufferers. Salicylic Acid is derived from willow bark and belongs to a class of ingredients called salicylates, these are classed as a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). 

Being a BHA this means that Salicylic Acid is oil soluble, so it can penetrate into the pores of the skin and really do its job. Which is basically to dissolve skin debris that clog pores and to act as an anti-inflammatory relieving red, inflamed pimples or spots faster. 

Along with other ingredients such as menthol and CentellAC-RX Complex, this product gently exfoliates the skin to clean out any debris while keeping the pH balanced and the skin cool and calm. 

This blend of ingredients explains why this product is so popular with sufferers of backne and other kinds of body acne.  

My Experience

I personally suffer from very dry skin on my arms and legs and have ongoing battles with KP (Keratosis Pilaris). I have attempted to use AHA products to assist this, but it seemed to just end up more irritated. Switching to this BHA cleanser made all the difference. 

My skin no longer feels tight when I get out of the shower, and I feel clean and refreshed. I enjoy how it lathers and the bottle is wonderful in the shower as it’s easily dispensable and impossible to spill. 

This product does have a strong scent, if you are susceptible to strong smells please keep this in mind.  Fragrance is listed in the ingredients; however, it is a clean beauty product so it will be naturally derived and that is how I would describe it. I did find I got used to it the more I used it. 

Switching to a product like this can have more of an impact than you realise. I feel so much more comfortable in myself now that my skin is soft and smooth instead of dry and irritated.

I believe this product is suitable for all skin types, even eczema or rosacea suffers will benefit from these ingredients (as always if you suffer from a skin condition please test before use 😊). 

After all these long days in the sun, let’s all do our skin a favor and give it some much needed TLC.  

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