HI-REVIEW: Clio Pro Eye Palette Mini #02 Rosy Haze

by Charlotte Wright

Switching it up this month and reviewing the new Clio Pro Eye Mini Palette! We all know skincare is the hero that makes our make up sit in the best way possible but applying the make-up is the fun part 😊 

I am so excited to review this palette as for me make up is such a creative activity where you can really put yourself out there and try new looks. Never be afraid to try something that isn’t the norm, play around and find what you love <3 

Product: Clio Pro Eye Palette Mini #02 Rosy Haze 

Price: $33

Quantity: 6 shadows

The Rosy Haze mini palette has five mini pans which contain 6 shadows, the top left pan containing 2. These are beautiful, warm and rich shades which a real depth of colour. There isn’t a single shade that doesn’t belong in this palette, they all compliment each other so well and can be used together or on their own.

  1. (1) Bare Cherry – A lovely true rose colour (2) Pure Fog – Skin tone shade
  2. Love on Sunday – Iridescent glitter
  3. Milk Tea Cream – Soft warm brown shade
  4. Gleaming Petal – An almost golden foil
  5. Nutty Potion - Dark brown with slight shimmer 

    (side note – how amazing are those shade names! So fitting for the colours. Milk Tea Cream is my favourite) 

    I created two looks with this palette, one for everyday and one more of a night glam look. As mentioned earlier, I believe all these shadows can work together no matter which you choose but they also have enough pigment and depth to be used as a single shade on the lid, which is a favourite look of mine atm.

    For the first look I started with 01-2 Pure Fog all over the lid to create a good base for the other colours. This shade is a true staple. I followed with 03 Milk Tea Cream in the crease and blended this out. 04 Gleaming Petal is definitely a foil shadow. You can use foils in one of two ways: dry or wet which will give you two very different looks. For this look I used it dry. Make sure to dab your brush into the foil and use more of a dabbing motion to apply rather than blending and you will get better pay off. Use a clean brush to blend the two shades together and this simple look is complete.

    To use a foil wet, dip your brush into the foil and then spray brush directly with setting spray. This will create a much more intense look but make sure your brush is dry before you go back into the palette!

    For the second look, after prepping the lid with 01-2 Pure Fog I went in with 05 Nutty Potion. This shadow is the darkest of the palette and will require more blending than the others, I also took this halfway across the lower lash line to create a more smokey look. I then brought 01-1 Bare Cherry from the inner corner and across the lid to blend. Finishing with a touch of 02 Love on Sunday just in the middle of the lid. As this is a very light iridescent shimmer I applied this with my finger to get better pay off.  

    Final thoughts 

    My favourite shade of the mini palette is 01-1 Bare Cherry. It is such a beautiful true rose shade and looks great blending into other colours or by itself across the lid. This is such a versatile shade it could also be used as blush! 

    Honorable mentions go to 01-2 Pure Fog as it is a great staple skin tone shade and will be a perfect base for any other shadows. And 03 Milk Tea Cream as it’s such a complimentary warm brown which can be blended into any look.

    This palette is great for beginners and pros alike, the mini size and hardiness of the packaging make it perfect for travel as you don’t have to sacrifice space for shade options. The shadows are creamy, pigmented and easy to blend.

    Clio Pro Eye Palette Mini #02 Rosy Haze fits right in in my make-up collection and I would recommend it as a great addition to yours 😊  

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