HI-REVIEW: By Wishtrend Vitamin-A Bakuchiol Night Cream

by Kate Garside

Okay Beauties, raise your hand if you’ve ever been scared to use Retinals ✋ 

Vitamin As (Retinals) can seem really daunting, as they’re seen as a high-risk high-return skincare ingredient. But using Vitamin As doesn’t have to be scary, and products like the “By Wishtrend Vitamin-A Bakuchiol Night Cream” just made using Vitamins As a whole lot easier!

Price: $51

Quantity: 30ml

Product Description:  “Improves wrinkles and prevents other signs of ageing without irritation.”

How to use: Apply on your face after cleansing and toning at night.

If you have sensitive skin or if you are new to vitamin A products, we recommend adjusting the amount or frequency. (ex. Depending on your skin condition, use it twice a week for 2 weeks → then use it 3 times a week for 2 weeks, etc.)

If you’re like me and you want the benefits of Vit A without the hassle of Vit A, this is the product for you. It contains Retinal which is part of the Vitamin A family (you’ve probably heard of its siblings: Retinol, Retinoids, Retin-A and Tretinoin). Vit A is known for  promoting skin cell turnover and giving your skin a plumping and brightening effect.

Retinal can go deep beneath the outer layer of your skin (Epidermis) to your Dermis (the deeper layers of your skin) thanks to its small molecular size. Once it reaches the dermis it helps your skin with the production of elastin and collagen (Bakuchiol works the same way except studies have found bakuchiol to be a lot less irritating than Retinal!). Meaning this cream is perfect for those of us that want to combat dull skin, uneven textures and early signs of ageing!

It’s important to note that if you use this cream you MUST wear SPF during the daytime. Even if you’re inside, SPF is still a must. Retinal (and Bakuchiol) can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and although UVB rays are mostly blocked by glass, UVA rays can penetrate through glass meaning you’re still at risk for irritation and even skin cancer.


Personal Experience

I’ve used quite a few different Vitamin A’s over the years, but the Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream is definitely my favourite. 

The cream itself has more of a balm-like texture (which I’m all for!) and it’s smooth and easy to apply. It always leaves my skin feeling extra moisturised and thanks to it’s balmy nature it really feels like it locks in moisture. I’ve found that it does feel a little tacky after applying, but nothing super sticky or oily which I really like (a lot of Rentinals are really oily so it’s really nice to find one that isn’t!). 

I’ve also noticed that my skin looks a lot plumper and has a glow-from-within look the next day, which I love! I always apply at night to allow the cream to soak in fully and I love to “sandwich” it between two moisturisers or serums to really help my skin absorb all the skincare goodness it can get! One pump is more than enough for my entire face and I haven't found it to be irritating on my skin at all. Most Retinals usually take around 3 - 6 months to show visible improvements to wrinkles and fine lines but I've found that, in just the last month that I've been trying this cream, I've noticed significant improvements to my skin’s overall feel, texture and glow!

The only negative thing I have to say about the Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream is it smells quite chemically, which I don't love. It fades after about 10 minutes so if you apply it about 10 minutes before bed it shouldn’t be too annoying!

All-in-all this cream is on my list of all-time favourite Retinals. It’s easy to use, non-irritating and it really seems to give my skin a glow-from-within! I definitely think it’s a must-have if you’re looking to incorporate Vitamin As and want to take your skincare routine to the next level!

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