Protecting Your Skin from Strong NZ Sun

by Hara Kang


WARNING! Do you apply sunscreen everyday!?

Sunscreen is an important part to defence against the damaging UV radiation in the sun’s rays when they’re enjoying the summer sun. But not many people know it is important to apply sunscreen even in winter.


The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is major cause of sunburn, premature ageing and skin damage leading to skin cancer. Despite its damaging nature, UV cannot be seen or felt so staying sun smart is important. The simplest and easiest way to avoid such problems is to use sunscreen.


 * Taxi driver who did not apply sunscreen at all has more aged skin on left side. 

Sunscreen either blocks or absorbs these harmful UV radiation, shielding the skin from being damaged. Sunscreen needs to be worn not only during summer but all year round. It only takes a minute to put on and many different formulations are available to suite your needs.



How to apply Sunscreen in a proper way 


Step1* Take appropriate amount of sunscreen on the back of the hand



Step 2 *  By finger tips, apply half amount of sunscreen over the face at the last step of basic skin care. Then pat it lightly until fully absorbed.

*Tip* Apply sunscreen 20mins before you go out


Step 3 * Apply evenly onto neck, arms, around ears and legs where sun exposure occurs


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