K-Trending Hair Colours for the S/S Season 🌈

by Isabel Bang

Rose Blonde 

Ashy colours became a staple in Korea and for 2021 S/S, pink is SO IN! Rose Blonde is the real stand-out colour that you can pull off this spring, to match the lovely mood of the season. This hair colour can give you both cute & sweet, and elegant & modern mood at the same time depending on how you style yourself. This is the colour for those with warm-toned skin especially, making your face glow up and seem fairer. As this colour would turn out best on a brighter base, we’d recommend bleaching your hair before trying any pink hair dyes. Our Mise en Scene recommendation would be #11RG Rose Gold, or #11P Ballet Pink. If you know what you’re doing when it comes to self hair dyes, try m mixing up gold dyes with pink for a more ashy result!

Sand Beige

One of my favourite picks for our cool skin toned readers! This is a toned-down beige that reminds you of the sandy beach, to give you a soft and cool mood in the S/S season. For those who aren’t a big fan of vibrant colours on your hair, a smooth beige-brown will give you a nice subtle change. It’s hard to call this beautiful shade plain “brown,” cause it’s a bit of everything! The slightly ash-blonde tints that show when the sun hits, is what makes it look gorgeous. If you have bleached or naturally blonde hair, #8MG Matte Brown from Mise en Scene will give you a similar vibe but will become even more pretty as the colour fades.

Living Coral

This might look more orange than coral, but that’s what Koreans are calling it these days! This bright juicy orange is the best mood changer for when you need it. This one is also for warm skin tones, that’ll brighten up the look of your complexion. Our Mise en Scene recommendation for Living Coral would of course be #8O Sunset Orange. With a hair colour that’ll immediately get you in a bubbly mood, you can easily join the Disney characters and no one would question 😆

Ash Violet

Purple has been the trendiest colour in both fashion and hair since a long while now 💜 If you love mystical and dreamy moods, ashy purple will slip you right in there! This dazzling colour that reminds you of a cool summer night, is not as vibrant as you would think! Meaning all you shy boys and girls can give purple hair a go, and still make the look calm (yet fashionable ✨). Cool skin tones will be able to pull this colour off fabulously, as pastel purple will light you up the moment you wear it! Unfortunately, this colour is a bit harder to fix up at home. But for those of you who are interested, #9B Twinkle Blue would be the closest out of all Mise en Scene hair dyes we have! Make sure your hair is bleached before dying 👍

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